Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pinecone Deliciousness and Pretty Too

  All the packages are wrapped and my mess is cleaned up, even the sink and dishwasher are empty..
Now that's a mini miracle for sure:)

 My friend Jean made this for a party she had at her house.. It was so pretty and yummy I just have to share it.
 Just 3 ingredients and so easy to make . It doesnt get better than  that, does it.
I adore that plate she used too. I have a special place in my heart for anything with Birds.
Talk about a transformation- woooohooooo.. To get there, all you have to do is, have a block of creme cheese and 1 pack of sliced almonds..  Ya'll know how to toast almonds but if not , just google that and lots of folks give instructions.   She used a small piece of pine but a rosemary sprig would be great too.  Thats probably what I'll use since I have whats now a rosemary tree growing in a pot lol..
 Dont forget to set out a variety of crackers too..I'll be adding an olive plate along side mine. I love creme cheese and olives but in case folks dont, I plate them seperate and then folks can choose .
Allow the creme cheese to come to room temperature and then with a flat knife just start smoothing the edges till you get the pinecone shape..   Then starting at the edge bottom start adding your almonds. Once you get started you'll see this is super easy to do. then pop in your pine or rosemary top and viola~!
Everyone will oooooooooooo and ahhhhhhhhhhhh and think you are a culinary artist and if they dont-just stand up super straight, tilt your nose in the air and" TELL THEM you are", using your very best Martha Stewart voice.  rofl.. Yea, if it works for Maaaaaaaaaaaaaatha, it'll work for you and me.

I'm joining Susan @ Between naps on the Porch

I hope you'll go and visit Her and the folks who have posted their transformations.. I learn so much and have a great time viewing other people Blogs and I know they appreciate it, cause I sure love when folks visit me.
I  read every comment and sometimes I come back and read them a few more times.

Chocolate Christmas

 I'm Partying with ~~Chari @Happy To Design, Sunday Favorites

Its fun looking back at what folks have done or post you may have missed so do go pay her a visit.
 ::not sure why my photos are cut off on one edge:):: oh well its OK..
 Repost from~ Nov. 29, 2010
 Hi there Folks..
I hope everyone has recovered from their Turkey Day meal.. I am slowing coming back to life after being stuffed for days..:)

I think I mentioned a couple of weeks ago my plan to have a Music themed Christmas and thats made it a bit slow going as so much has had to be made.. Not only did I choose music but I also choose not to use tradition colors.. We are running the gamet from vanilla creme to dark chocolate brown and we are Loving it.. My daughter is especially happy since these are her favorite colors.
  I still have so much to do for the tree and the fireplace mantle but I am calling this table done...
  I had the violins on music paper  printed at walmart.. As soon as I got them I wished I'd had them done in 5x7 size but - too late.. Plus these little photos in frames are all over the tree and larger would have been too heavy for the branches...
I started out with plates and filled glass jars and after looking at it for a day I decided it was TOO MUCH and moved some things to other places in the room..
 I love my faux window but Dang it ~ its tough to take a good photo in the area..
.  I used the pinecones Maryanne sent me last year in several areas...
I've had these music ornaments for many years and I always enjoy seeing them when I bring my containers out of storage .. Isn't it fun every year to open your boxes and see the holiday items you've cherished.. For me its almost like visiting with old friends.
 Thanks so much for coming to visit me.. I appreciate it very much and your comments mean a lot to me.
I'll be having tea and cookies on thursday so stop back in and we'll have a great time...
 Happy Holidays Hugs to All  ~!