Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Whole lotta Fallen Goin' On:)

I was singing that post title in my bestest Elvis voice, could ya hear me. or was that Jerry Lee Lewis..
 I get my 60's singers confused lol

I must feel better, I did a tablescape.  Just used things from my stash and 2 new laterns from Pottery Barn.. They were on sale for sure cause no way would I pay full price.
  Same table setting, taken at slightly different angles.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

  Soon the table gets cleared and its bottom and the chairs get painted.. Bet ya cant guess what color I'll use.
  I couldnt resist playing with this first shot in psp.  No cats were harmed in the making of this tag lol.

  I'll be joining this party.. Please go see these folks and all those who posted. I promise it will be a enjoyable experience ..Parties usually start after 6 pm on tuesday night .. so check back then
Kim ~Savvy Southern Style ~ Wow Us Wednesday

Nest of Posies Party - week 4

Thanks so much for visiting me. Without YOU this would be no fun for Me..

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall through Time

   Beatiful weather here in North Carolina.  It rained for a few days but even that was great as we really needed it.  
 I'll be participating  a few parties. The links are at the bottom of this post.. do go visit these folks, you'll be soooooooooooooo inspired and you'll enjoy yourself too:)
  I sure have enjoyed seeing all of your fall displays and inspiration photos.  As for me, I'm looking forward to doing a little spring this year myself... Building my energy back after that cold me and my daughter had. It certainly was a wake up call to make sure and have a full pantry as well as the "cold needs container" filled and ready.  When both of you get sick, neither wants to go to the store.  I now have 20 cans of chicken broth on my list , giggle.. That was about the only thing I wanted for 4 days, breakfast lunch and dinner. 

  I decided to post some of my Fall of the Past photos .. I hope you enjoy them.

 Fall entry table 2009  ..  Truth be told, this is pretty much what fall looks like about now. Still all green :)
Fall 2010  Wreath I made from my 1.00 goodwill grapevine wreath and the rustic birdcage I found for 1.50.
The rest of the stuff I had in my Fall stash..  I may just use it again this year.  Yes thats a lil birdie I added to the cage.. I hope the real birds dont peck him ..
and what would Fall be without Pumpkin cupcakes..
This is a super simple recipe but its sooooooooooo good.. 

  1 package yellow cake mix
  2 cups of pumpkin~~ this replaces the water and oil  from the box directions.
  1 tsp. pumpkin spice
follow package directions for baking.. 
easy peasy and yummy..
and,, shhhhhhhhhhhhh  dont let the kids see this part... they have FIBER:)  I know so many moms have to sneak in the fruits and veggies and believe me Pumpkin is one of the best.. Enjoy~!
   Thanks so much for coming to visit me.

Marty ~ A Stroll Thru Life ~ Tabletop Tuesday

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Sweeties

   Thanks so much for all the kind comments on my new blog design..
I saw these and just had to share with you all..  They are all on the endangered list, sorry I didnt get their official names .    The look in their eyes is so precious.    All God's creatures Great and Small..
 Everyone's done such pretty fall displays and I am still too puny to do any.. Maybe next week:)

 As you can see I was supposed to post this yesterday:) 
 and HAPPY SUNDAY too..


Monday, September 19, 2011

Playing with my Blog Design

Happy Monday Everyone,

I think it might be a few more days till I get my energy back but I'm on the mend.   I did find enough energy to make myself a new header..  Those of you who come here often know I change it per season and often per holiday:)    I've worked in graphic design for 7 years and never tire of it.. Always something new and different with each piece of art.. At least thats how I think of it, as Art.

  I made this tag free button for this template design,, this will go on my sidebar...
  Still trying to decide if I want to use a divider..

What do you all think- do you like dividers used in a post or are they distracting?
 How do you feel about changing the blog design and colors?  do you like things to stay the same or prefer to see something different when you open a blog you've been to before..  Its ok Be honest, wont hurt my feelings either way:)  

 Your visits mean a lot to me so of course I want to put on my prettiest clothes and offer you a lovely space to spend the time in while you're here..

   There are tutorials all over the net for making headers , so I'll just say this.. If you try and any part of it gives you a rough time, email me.. I usually know a way to get,  Over- Around or Through that type of issue and just might be able to help you get where you want to go..

 thanks for stopping in to visit. you know I love it when you're here..
Happy Fall Ya'll

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sonny's Sick

 I must have caught a germ when I was over visiting with Marty , giggle.

 I felt it coming on yesterday and doubled up on my vitamins, did all my grandma's cures , alas, to no avail.. Well I guess I shouldnt say that cause without that I might be a lot worse.

  I got around to about 20 of your Copy Cat posts at DebbieDoo's party and as soon as I feel better I'll make it to the rest.. I loved what all of you did and maybe I can participate next time.
No worries, I sprayed my blog with lysol so read quick and then get out.. lol.. Wouldnt want ya'll to catch anything..

Ya'll take good care of yourselves and I'll be back in a few days...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Inspiration 2

 I see these photos and just have to share them with all of you.  From what I can tell  many many of us are in LOVE with Fall , so the more ideas and inspiration we get, the better..

I'm fairly certain these was done with some sort of burning tool, but I also think you could stencil whatever design you liked on them in a contrasting color.  
I am more of a neutral Gal , so these are right up my alley..  love the subtle tones of these as well as the designs used...
Simple and slightly rustic, to my eyes anyway..  I can see this tablescape being done in several of my friends homes.. It would suit their decor style perfectly..
Again, this is more Me and I will most likely try doing a version of it on my sofa table in the living room.
  When I do these white pumpkins I'll also be sharing how I make my own version of  chalk paint:)  I used it on my headboard- nitestands and wardrobe in the bedroom.I still have to get some dark wax and get that part done but I LOVE IT  . Also need to finish my fall bedding, so I can show it off, too..  so much I want to do and so little time- sheesh.. 
I have 2 terrific custom built window boxes.. Too bad I never seem to get out there and decorate them ..
Maybe this will be the fall I get it done, cause I sure would love for them to look anywhere close to this beautiful sample photo...
OK, no more excuses.. Surely, I am crafty enough to paint plain stripes on a pumpkin-- Right??    giggle
Last but definately not least... oh what a dream come true to have some version of  this on my front porch.. 
 Maybe some hot cider in a large thermas and pumpkin muffins in a basket.. Wave at the neighbors to come on over and sit a spell, grab some refreshments and tell their favorite childhood story of Fall.. 
 yep , yep, I think thats just what I'll do one of these evenings after it start getting cool at night in NC.
  You are ALL welcome to stop in too.. I'd love to have you for a visit and a chat.
 Thanks for visiting..   I love your company and look forward to it bunches..
Please go visit these parties~ they have many folks posting lots of creative items and Eye candy of all kinds.
Just a warning though, once you get there, its addictive and you wont want to leave, or at least I dont.:)

Marty ~ A Stroll Thru Life ~ Tabletop Tuesday

Kim ~Savvy Southern Style ~ Wow Us Wednesday

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Always Remembered

God Bless Us All 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lil Fall for Ya'll

  We were under a tornado watch all day..so of course, I cleaned to keep my mind off of it . Does anyone else do that?   If I'm nervous or worried, I CLEAN.  I have to admit it does help me a lot.

 I have a folder full of fall and just wanted to share some of it with you.. Todays high was only 74 and right now its 67 so Sonny is a Happy Cool girl :)

 I can almost smell pumpkin pie in the air right now..  Luckily the SMELL has no calories ..I'm on the search for a pumpkin muffin recipe that includes flaxseed::  ugg, there's that Fiber subject again. I have noticed that flaxseed does help my life go more- dare I say- Smoothly:)
ok, nuff about that.. lets look at some fall.
Not sure where I saved these from so if they are yours , please know my deep admiration caused me to save the photo...
 this is a pie plate stand and a chadalier globe turned upside down to hold a candle.. is this genius and beautiful or what~!  love it and wanna do one of these.. soooooooo pretty.
This one reminds me I need to go to my favorite little craft store in salisbury nc and look at their new fall ribbon.
Saved this one because I just happened to have scored 2 of those huge glass hurricanes for only 5 bucks each... yeaaaaaaaaaaa
 I love the idea of the walnut napkin ring but I'll be leaving off the spider decor ..
 This is my all time favorite .. Ralph Laren I believe..  umm  maybe I need to paint my door black too:)
I'll save the rest for another week or so..  I hope you enjoyed seeing this fall inspiration as much as I enjoyed showing it to you..

see ya at the party~!

Kim ~Savvy Southern Style ~ Wow Us Wednesday

Monday, September 5, 2011

Living Room-Little Changes

 Hi Folks.
I sure have missed being here this week. I did manage to come by and visit a few of you but not nearly as many as I had hoped to..
I wanted to thank all those who came by and left a comment. I appreciate your time.
I'll be joining several parties this week. They are all listed at the bottom of this post. Please gives these sweet folks a visit..  You'll enjoy yourself I promise..

  I got new lampshades:)  yes, I am years behind everyone else. I finally changed mine over to drum style .
I like them and they gave the lamps a whole new look, in fact, the daughter asked if I bought new lamps, so I know I did GOOD cause she does'nt usually notice such things. Its odd I don't notice things till I make a photo of them.. Though no one else will remember- I have'nt changed up my ottoman tray in a year~!  dusted YES, changed, NOOO.... but I sure see it now.. anywhoooooo  see them latidadrumlampshdes... I like them a LOT..just wish I had done it sooner..
As I looked at the photo a bit more I realized I win the RUDE HOSTESS award this week too... Why, you ask.. Cause there's no tea in the cups and nothing for ya'll to snack on.  sheesh, where is my mind..
So I quick go to the kitchen and whip us up something.. fruit n cookies anyone?
  I dont know why some years these bosc pears are better than others and this year they are yummy. Firm but juicy.. My favorite fiber.. oh my , I cant believe I've reached the age when I have to think about Fiber..
 I see that adding just a few items with color changed the whole tone of the photo too.. much better:)
I have several bird cages, so this black one ended up on the sofa table.  See the photo of the little girl there.
 She is my Aunt Peggy who has passed. At 3 years old she sat so still and had her picture made. 1917-2002
  Take a good look cause in the next few weeks the ottoman will be recovered , new pillows for the sofa  and there is a pair of wingbacks on the opposite wall that I got from craigslist.. I hesitate to show them to you as they might make your eyes go wonky , giggle...
You wanna see them? seriously, you do?? Just remember , I warned you..  they DO NOT go with the black/white/taupe and apple green of my living room but not to worry, they wont look like this long..
Get ready- brace yourself, this is shocking...
  again in a photo I can clearly see the teacart isnt going to work there..  thats ok, it'll give me an excuse to shop for a table I can redo and use.
 ok. last warning for your eyeballs..  these chairs were newly recovered 6 months ago and the lady decided once they were delivered , she didnt like them..  gee, wonder why.......................  thud- faint  oui vey:)
  So I bought 2 very nice quality chairs for only 60 dollars and the man delivered them..  I had to laugh when he said , " God bless you Dear for taking these chairs. I've been hearing the gripping for 6 months and I wasnt sure I could handle it another day"  ... I said- aww gosh, your welcome... then he left and I squealed with delight at my new treasures that I knew I could make look Fabulous in a short period of time..
 oh yea, the chairs:) I almost forgot..
Hopefully I can get these done and you'll smile the next time you see them.
as always , thanks so much for visiting me. I do appreciate it so much..
Wishing you Health- Wealth-and Happiness

Parties you'll Enjoy ~!
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