Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Me and My Breakfast

 I was supposed to do this post yesterday but since today is tuesday , I reckon I'm on time, sorta:)

 Just a little breakfast for me.. Flaxseed cereal, black coffee, followed by 2  8 oz. glasses of water.
Joining the   Marty Tabletop Party
 I use my black n cream mat , my black n cream polka dot napkin and the pink hydrangea blossoms my neighbor have me early this morning..   Just because I have breakfast alone should'nt mean it cant be pretty.
 I digest better when I eat in nice surrounding, don't You?

 Trust me here- as good as it is that its nice to look at, Flaxseed cereal every morning for a month WILL get you into that slim trim bathing suit you've been wanted to wear for years lol..   Its the Scrub Brush of the Century, my daughter says.   Seriously,  it does a body good... You make it just as you would oatmeal- sweetened or not- fruit or not- cream or not..   However you like your oatmeal- have the flax cereal the same way and for goodness sake- dont forget the 2 8 oz. glasses of water within an hour after eating..

 If this is your first time eating it-- may I suggest you NOT get more than 50 yards from a potty..   After a few days that will stop and you can go on about your usual business..
Enjoy:) and do come back in a week and tell me how much weight you lost cause I KNOW you are going to loose..  Not a doubt in my mind about that..

 Thanks for visiting me and Ya'll come back now, Ya Hear~!