Monday, September 3, 2012

Changes and Choices

 The 3 sofas I ordered,finally arrived..   Very nice and helpful delivery folks but that was the high point of that experience.  The sofas themselves were CRAP~!  We only took one out of its packaging , wrapped it back up and all 3 went back to the truck..     I didnt get disheartened,, just a bit disappointed.   I know things turn out exactly as they are meant to be and I had no doubt this would be the case in this experience.

   Sofas returned to the store-  money returned to my account and the search began again.

I was on my way  to do my grocery shopping and drove right by a local furniture store. On my way back I thought, oh heck, stop in there and just look.   In I went, and directly to my right sat a beautiful  loveseat n sofa set in a very very pale tan with tiny white threads running through the cloth..  the sign said- Last One, get it while you can and thats exactly what I did.    My soul was Singing -wooooooohooooooooo..  Looked great, sat great,price was fair, they could deliver at 6 that very same day.   Meant to be and I was certain of that.

 Now I need a rug- art and accessories , but the Family room furniture is in place and we are thrilled with it...
((The living room sofa saga continues , lol)) But I'm feeling very lucky and have no doubt I'll walk right in Somewhere and find the perfect one for Me.
 I didnt want to leave ya'll hanging and thinking I hadn't accomplished anything, so I am posting this  even though the redo isnt complete..  we are making Progress:)
  I gotta change the throw on my desk chair.. just now noticed that.. 
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Thanks for stopping by and I hope ya'll are enjoying your labor day.