Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yellow Thrifting Treasures

  I went thrifting last week and founds some pretty treasure with yellow on them.
 My favorite is the bunny topped dish. Sometimes it amazes me how I just find things at the time of year when they are most appropriate and needed.. I can just see Tommy's greek chicken salad in it. Its nice and heavy, so if I chill it in advance it'll keep everything nice and crisp, especially the marinated cucumbers. Makes my mouth water just to think about it.. I could'nt resist the cream and sugar set for only 50 cents.If nobodies looking I might use the cream pitcher for dressing and the sugar bowl for croutons,, but shhhhhhh dont tell , OK...
 I made my own bunny plate since I didnt have one.. My neighbor let me use her printer. I cant eat off of it but it sure is PURDY, as we say in the south...
I'm participating in Mellow Yellow Monday. You'll find the Tag on my sidebar. Just click it to go and see all the other folks who joined in this weeks posts...
Is that one wild eyed bunny , or what... hahahahaha
played with the photos in my art program.. this looks so romantic.. Bunnies and Romance, do they go together? umm maybe :-)
Thought I might try a mosaic too..
Thanks so much for visiting me and coming to see my new treasures..
Happy Spring and please say a prayer for all of our fellow bloggers who are sick. We may only be in the internet but we're FAMILY..