Monday, November 30, 2009

Snowmen & Santas & Bears ~ Oh My ~!

 I'm participating in :: Metamorphosis Monday hosted by Between Naps on the Porch
 I guess I dont have to tell ya'll what I've been doing.. Thanksgiving and then the holiday decorating began.
 I've done every color of holiday decor through the years but rarely do I decorate with traditional red and green.
 I had planned a music theme for this room and then I went to Lowes and before my wandering eye, what did I see? Small ,chubby, oh so adorable snowmen. My eyes misted up a bit, my heart flip flopped and the child in me awoke.  I have done adult holiday themes for a very long time so this is new for me and a joy to my eyes as I sit here at my desk and work. I look over at my tree and giggle. Its good to feel this happy.  I've learned a valueable lesson this year. Its ok to enjoy my child within and to bring her out in my holiday decor. To let her dance and sing Christmas carols, LOUD:-)  My DH is like this all year so he's enjoying watching me turn loose, get out of adult mode and just enjoy life and all the joy it has to offer. 
 I wish each and every one of you a spring in your step, a twinkle in your eye and joy overflowing in your soul..
 So with no further ado. On with the show.....the lil guys that started it all...
  This is Tommy's favorite snowman so we of course named him Tommy.
  I just cant tell you how much fun I am having with these decorations. Its been a great 4 days for me, hubby and my daughter.
 Noel repainted all my snowmen so their capes and coats would be bright red. Believe me this took the patience I dont have, so thank goodness she does.
 these gift cards are good for 5.00 certificates at mcdonalds and since they had Noel's name on them and suited the theme, well they worked just great.
The Teddy Bears came out just in time to gather round the tree to save it from my 6 Pom babies.. So far they are doing a great job.

Thank you for stopping in to see our Family room.  Come back soon as I am moving to the living room next so I'll have more photos.  Hope you enjoyed this little tour....Sonny