Friday, August 10, 2012

Wall in the Works

I looked at 4 hundred gazillion entry walls and finally found one that would work in my living room and that I could do the carpentry on myself.   I even have the primer and paint for the lower section.  wooohoooo

 I so dislike spending money:)  
 so it shouldnt take me long to bring this sample to fruition in my home.
ignore the fact that the welcome on the door is backwards, thats not their fault. I had to do a mirror image cause thats the way my wall is.

pin said BHG- sorry I dont have the link..if this isnt right- someone let me know and I will gladly add the correct link.  I love this and want whoever it belongs to , to get the proper credit..

 I would like to add some of those fancy hooks for coats purses umbrellas and such .. I have most of the elements they used on this wall and can easily come up with the rest.
Of course this cant happen till the donation center guys arrive to take all this STUFF away..

 its driving me crazy looking at it till monday but on the other hand its a good thing I have a few more days cause I keep finding more stuff that needs to go..  Some because I'm working my way to a simpler home design and the other reason I posted  HERE to Read why~!

breaking bloggie rule  207754a8gg301  ~   never show ugly pics. in case ya'll didnt recognize the Rule by its number....  ROLF  I hate rules anyway and break them every chance I get....just sayin.

 now- dont ya'll think my wall will look way better done like the pin sample. just say YES K ..cause I need ya too..

Ya'll go on over to Laura's and see all the other pin posts.. These folks come up with some great things you may not have seen..  Headed that way myself as soon as I get done here..
Laura's Pin Party

thanks for visiting me...  holee majolee I have 501 Followers..  Ya'll know this means a GIVEAWAY right..
 I'll post that on monday so come on back to see us, ya hear.....
xoxo and lots of well wishes to each and every one of Ya's.