Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mother Nature's Transformation

I've painted a lot of furniture.  Done hundreds of mock ups for myself- other and even businesses.  Changed rooms from what they once were to unrecognizable till I told folks what I did ~ BUT~ no matter how much talent GOD graced me with , I have never been able to make transformations of such beauty as the ones Mother Nature has made around my back patio.. 
 I am so grateful for good weather and not to have been hit by the ugly storms we have had roar through NC..
 Many folks will be years getting back to normal, both in their homes and yards.. Looking at that damage breaks my heart.. Then I walk outside and see what nature is capable of in a very short period of time and I know everything will be ok- in Time..

 Here come the before's and the afters of Mother Nature's miraculous transformation.. I sure thank her for it..
things were just getting started and I'd had to cut the middle crepe myrtle down to the ground becuase it was transplanted from another area in the yard...

and then, the transformation began and she grew and grew and GREW:)
The ferns were a nice size when I got them . The geraniums came from a lady on the corner selling them out of her trunk to the local hardware store and I nabbed a few and put them in this planter..

Soon, they had to be moved so I bought a kiddie pool and spray painted it .  They are still growing and blooming and spreading out...

The ferns are getting huge~!

 I told the story of these bradford pears before but in case ya missed it..These were cut down 3 years ago and the stumps were ground below the surface and sprayed with weed killed...
The next year I saw little sprouts in the mulch and knew what it was.. My gosh, if they had that much will to live- they were staying..
they moved sorta slow through spring as you can see..

and then:)
I look at all this and it reminds me to NEVER give up.. Strive to Survive... Reach for the sky.. They all did and look how great it turned out...
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