Monday, February 7, 2011

The Journey to AZ

 As of 9:47 am est... the career position sought was given full steam ahead, so the move to AZ is on and at full speed~~ Yikes
I want to thank all of those who stopped by and commented on my last post.. All who prayed and sent good wishes and thoughts..  I sure have fabulous bloggy pals and I appreciate you so much more than I can express..

  I've been in the process of having our present home brought up to the standards of a 2011 model home as possible and thats taken up most of 8 days and some nights but only a few more tweaks to go..

 The reality :: I meant Realty:: agent was here yesterday to look things over and measure--- get all the details and make out all his paperwork which I'll have to read over and sign..   I can honestly say its like having the world spin at 20 times its normal speed and holding on by my pinkies-- but Holding On...:)

 As it stands now I have about 45 days to
1. find a new Home
2. close on it
3. have the movers load everything up
4. get all the details and technicalities taken care of here
5.  get on a plane and beat the movers to AZ--:: please pray for good weather :: hehehehehe
6. I'm  having my pom babies brought by a transporting company that has great reviews about a week later in order to get everything in place and their room set up.. YES, they have their own room .. I know , their spoiled but this is how I raised them so I have only myself to blame. 
I'm sure when I have some time to sit down and get quiet, I'll cry and I'll go through a grieving period, which would only be normal when leaving the only home state I have known since my teenage years.. I dont fight that sort of thing as I truly believe grieving is just as much a part of life as anything else.. So I accept it and will take the time to do it..  Hopefully that wont last long and I will make me memories in a new place and look joyfully towards each new day .. I know for sure there are all sort of things to see and places to go..

I realize there are so many important things in life for ya'll to think about but if you can squeeze me in your prayers and good thoughts, I'd be so thankful...

I'll post the home as soon as we choose it and be sure to show ya'll the kitchen first hehehehe.. We blog ladies know what's vital, right:)

wavin and smilin