Sunday, March 7, 2010

Livingroom Revisited

I blogged about my livingroom back in november before I knew about MEME parties on monday, so I hope its ok if I show it again..

 I made my windows treatments~ pillows and built my ottoman from an old coffee table.
I'm linking to these too Parties for Monday. Thank you ladies for hosting these for us.

Make It For Monday at Cottage Instincts



I'm thrilled to say, I finally finished the latest decor in my living room. it took me a couple of months due to the fact that I couldnt decide on a rug, or should I say a rug I could afford-worked in the room and I could change out to another room in the event I again change the color palette in the LR. thats alot to ask from a 100.00 rug , giggle..  For those of you who have visited my blog before, you know that my darlin' hubby always says, " If you can change the room for less than 200.00, go for it".  Keeping this in mind, 100.00 for a rug was seriously cutting into my budget.   I really had to bargain hunt, up my creative skills, and keep my spirit guides nearby on this one .. I needed them to answer me when I say,, HOW am I going to accomplish this, and they did.. Yes, my home has angels/guiding spirits/helpers and like anything else, not believing in such things doesnt make them any less true."smile". Its true for me and thats really all that matters..
I needed window treatments. Lots of pillows, chairs and bench recovered, new displays for the table tops and 1 for the ottoman I made from an old table/foam and fabric- since a new 400.00 ottoman was obviously out of the question. I found fabric for 3.88 a yard, that really helped and I was willing to do all the work myself. and so I began and 2 months later, after much thinking- laboring-tears of frustration and tears of joy, my living room is Done.. For Now ,anyway and for about a week ,at which point some of this has to go to a storage container so the Holiday decor can go up  , hahahahahaha.. Gee , just think, a whole week to enjoy my space.. I hope you enjoy it to while you're visiting... Now if I havent bored you to tears, lets see some photos ~!!
Here's The before in a collage.. It was ok but just too drab to suit me.

  I love the stenciled pillow and You to can make one BUT dont do what I did, practice on scrap first.. I'm too impatient and I got lucky, so please practice on a scrap piece of fabric ... 
This shows the sofa with the pillows I started to wonder if I would ever finish sewing lol and there on the floor is the hounds tooth rug I finally choose.. It will work equally well in the master bedroom or  guest room, so it was worth the 100 bucks I spent.. its so soft under my toes and I really love it.

Game table made using a little 2 dollar table from the thrift store-- 2 5 dollar french chairs, spray painted black and seats covered in black and white gingham, game surface from a 3.00 picture frame.  My living room is a rectangle with many openings, so this arrangment really works for me .

I found the huge tassle at big lots for 5.00 and just had to have it. I love a bargain, dont you...?  The wardrobe its hanging on is a 1943 treasure I found on craigs list last year.

Heres a closer shot of the wt's I made from my bargain fabric. I was happily surprised at its quality and how well it hangs. It was so easy to work with and be assured I will be purchasing more fabric from that site..  ~great folks to work with~!
View of the room from behind the game table.. Cozy fire, comfy furniture, tea and cookies , a great book to read and a soft throw to snuggle up under..Does it get better than this on a cold, rainy day?  not for me it doesnt... 

  Another treasure I found on craigslist last year, my beloved buffet. I've thought several times about painting it and some day I might but, not yet.. For now I enjoy its aged patina,little bumps and scratches I lovingly polish.  The plates around the clock were a gift from a lovely friend of mine name Lori.. I dont think anything else could have looked better... Thank you Lori, I think of you every time I walk by , which is a double dozen times a day...

I liked the bird lamps I got from JCP but on that wall they were just too plain so- my faux monograms, a little black paint and some 2.00 a yard  trim and viola:) I love them. The bird cages finished off that wall. 1.00 each at a yard sale..
 I could hardly believe I made these pillows without a pattern and just by examples of what I saw at sites online. If you've never tried making pillows- just go for it. You never know, you might make something you really love and that works well in your home.
I wanted to be sure and show a photo of the plate so you can see its pattern..  
  I'm so  glad you came to visit.. Please stop by often . You are always welcome and if you can, please take a moment to comment so I'll know you were here..  
Huge Hugs and Brightest Blessings to YOU