Sunday, October 30, 2011

Painted Chairs with Tutorial

Once I get a favorite photo in my head, I have to go for it and so I did.
Thanks for hosting this party for us DebbieDoo's...I'll post her link as soon as the party begins so you can see all the creations others have done.. Your gonna love it.
                                                      The sample pic from Country Living
Since these chairs are a metamorphysis. I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch, too.
Susan's Meta Party

I think I primed these chairs :) so I'm joining this party too
Primp Your Stuff Party-  party has ended

I hope my Chairs are WOW worthy:)
Kim's WOW us Wednesday=party has ended
another great party goin on..
Kristen's Creations= party has ended

It required buying 2 chairs- moving furniture- painting stuff, covering stuff, making stuff and making myself a nervous wreak ..  But I got 'er done and thats what counts.  

 As many of you know who have been here before,Autumn is my favorite time of the year but the oranges, yellows and reds dont work for me or my decor.
 I'm a neutral girl and have come to accept that about myself and honor it. So my copy is done in the colors I love to decorate with. 

I tried to make sure my copy cat had the proper elements , without using the exact items or colors .
I had this photo saved for almost 2 years and then lost it in a computer crash.. A few weeks ago on another blog- There it was, so I saved it again.  a day later I saw Debbie post about her upcoming Copy Cat party and I knew I had to give it a try..
 Have ya heard enough of my yapping?  ready for photos? yea, me too..
 My surpirse shot is at the bottom and comes with a short- sweet- easy tutorial..:)  
                                                                     My rendition...

  Now for the surprise..
Here's how to chairs looked when they were delivered from the guy on craigs list. I paid 60.00 for both of them..   They were a nice smooth linen , the fabric in great condition.  BUT BUT BUT- green and pink and blue fabric-  seriously??  oui. my eyes went wonky every time I walked by them till I could get them primed.

Primed with Kilz using a sponge roller and a little brush just in case a drip managed to try and get by me:)
That was dry in about 3 hours and then came the first coat of satin latex Behr cool white, 5 hours later coat
number two.

  Let dry 24 to 48 hours depending on the humidity in your home.  I waited 48 hours and then did a light coat of clear paste wax.. That keeps the fabric soft. I 'll wait a week and do another coat of the wax and then do that about every 6 months.   They are smooth and soft and since I've done this before to two other chairs I know it stays put..

Thanks for visiting me and my copy cat creation.  I have to say I am thrilled with it. Hope you like it too cause that would make my heart Smile.
Love and Hugs and All Good Things to Ya~!