Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

 I had my celebration yesterday and it was wonderful..  I am so happy to have 2 happy, healthy children who have grown into great adults.  Motherhood isnt the easiest job but its rewarding in ways words cant explain..
   I've had several very Mothering women in my life for whom I am extremely grateful.. I can say without question that some of the greatest MOMs never gave birth.. They choose to Mother by virtue of their wide open hearts and gentle souls.. They shared wisdom freely and without judgement..  
 As I sit here looking out at this lovely spring day, I can see their faces, hear their laughter and remember the tears of joy that often feel from their eyes.. 
  So many times the most important, influential women in our lives dont get the acknowledgment they so richly deserve , so I would ask that you speak a few words to heaven for all the wonderful MOTHERING WOMEN of the World.. Those who gave birth and those who gave of THEMSELVES ...
  Happy Mothers Day , Ladies.....I hope you know how LOVED and APPRECIATED you are and if you dont, well, I'm telling you NOW...