Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dont let the Ugly pic Scare You

 I dont tell much of my private stuff so I wont go into detail about this past year except to tell you that I have been Extremely Blessed and Miracles have occured..  I thought a lot about how to show my gratitude and came up with a few different ways..  Saying how grateful one is , thats fine , but for me , it takes Action too..

 I was in the process of cleaning out some things- showed ya'll that pic - but I'll refresh your memory with that ugly pic...   actually the photo I'm showing is about 1/5th of what I gave away..  I choose a charity that I know helps folks -- FOR FREE.. I didnt want to donate and have them make a big profit and Believe me, before this donate was done, they would have.

 I thought about listing things on craigslist - cause gee who couldnt use an extra 500.00 or maybe lots more.
 Then I rethought my blessings and miracles and  nah, no selling, just giving and then giving some more..

 Monday was one of the happiest days I've had in many years..

here's a list of why is was so happy and what I GAVE in Gratitude.
Its my great wish that those who receive it will SMILE and it will make their lives Better..


all items less than 5 years old and most never used at all..

27 boxes == assorted
13 large black trash bags- fabric , craft items
2 wingbacks
sofa-- n -- ottoman
piano bench
media cab on fireplace
2 love seats
sofa table
this pic represents about 1/5 of what went away to the Rescue Mission.
twin matress n boxspring
bar stools
2 dining sets
2 desks
3 office chairs
framed art 9 of those
dishes pots pans set of silverware
34 piece set of bone china
accessories - LOL
2 cannister sets
5 sets of queen beddings
8 lamps and shades
I only took 1 pic but it eventually went from the front door all the way through the dining room and into the family room.

I dont want to leave ya'll with that bad pic in your head so....   I'll put whats left in the garage till I get it painted and redone..
 sure is easy to vacumm LOL..

I've shown a lot of inspiration photos lately , so those who follow me sorta know what my plans are,, and I'll post room by room as I get each done with before and after photos..
I moved the fireplace to this wall.. Not sure if Its staying there or not..

Other Side  ... I wonder how long those marks will stay in the carpet from having that heavy fireplace on it..

Maybe Stanley Steamer can make the nap come back up.. I hope..

 So far I dont know what all I'll be using in this room.. I did buy  3 sofa's though..
1 for the living room and
  for the family room.
Not sure yet if I want another ottoman//coffee table or a wood one sorta like this.
 3 weeks till delivery which gives me lots of time to do that entry wall.. Paint- decide on accesories and tables and and and LOL..

thanks for visiting.  I appreciate you coming along with me on my latest journey..its hard sometimes doing things all alone.. So I am super grateful to have your kindness and comments and presence in my Life.
I hope to see ya soon..