Monday, June 28, 2010

Teacart with Tea On It :)

I showed ya'll my new tea cart find the other day .. Found it on CL , paid 20.00.  I knew that was cheap but I didnt know how great a deal it was till I googled Teacarts and saw the prices for really plain ones .. Wowzers I got a great deal...
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I decided to use it in the family room beside the loveseat as a table, plus thats the room that has the 7 ft opening to the dining area so easy to move in there if need be..  I like looking at it so the family room where I have my desk seemed like the perfect place...
oh geezie peezie I am so dang original.. tea cart-- teapot and teacups.. Not many would have thought of that decor I'm sure.. rolf..  OK OK  have pity on me here. I'm working 11 hour days and not sleeping all that well as the potty keeps calling my name every few hours ... ops TMI  lol..

Thanks for visiting me and for putting up with my over the moon enthusiasm about this cart:)  I just LOVE it..

Please read below-- thanks bunches...

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Please cast a vote for my Pal DebbieDoo.. She'd make a great Talk Show Host and Oprah is gonna choose someone, may as well be here..  We can all say " We knew her when" AND maybe we can be guests sometime.. lol..
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Love and Hugs and happy thoughts and all good things to you and yours..

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Sorority Sister art entry

I thought I better make a seperate post about this.. If I'm not mistaken this is the proper day to submit our entries.. If i got this wrong, ya'll just please scccccccccccccccccccccccuuuseeeee me lol..

Some Days Are Diamonds blog link is on my sidebar and on her left sidebar are the others who signed up for the SS party..
heres my art, as promiced...

thanks for stopping by. I always love having visitors..

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My 20.00 Find~! woohooo:Updated

I dont have alot to show but I sure do love what I did get. it was off  Craigs list but that's sorta a continuous yard sale lol...  Its in great shape but I may paint it white anyway.. Not sure about that yet.. For now I'll leave it as is.
I have a 7 ft. opening from my dining to my family room and thats where I'll let it sit for now. I dont think I'll have any trouble decorating it as I have lots of teapots :) some of ya'll know that already .. I'm thinking it'll be great to do my scapes on and that way I wont have to mess with my dining table constantly.. 
  I also found 2 great oval mirrors at goodwill. I got one painted and hung.. I'll try a plate display around it tommorrow and take a few photos , I can always see things better in a photo than I can with my nekkie eyes..
 Ya'll be sure to look on my sidebar for Debbie's blog link. Click on it and that will take you to her thrifting party so you can see what treasures others found this week..
Here's the tea cart.. $20.00
The sides lift up on both sides to make it larger.  I was thinking I might rent one of those frenchie maid costumes and surprise my hubs with treats on a teacart.. whatcha think??   lol

Too dark to get a good photo of the new mirror so I'll come back tommorrow and add pics.. 
thanks so much for visiting me and dont forget to go see DebbieDoo and her other posters..
I love reading your comments and seeing your lovely smiling faces here and I know they'd all love a visit too..
I did a quick mock up of plates around the oval mirror I spoke of..
I just used white as a sample but I have blue and white I could use also..
Do you like this configuration?? I'm trying to figure it out before I put holes in that wall I just patched and repainted:)

I'm also participating with Kate .. Lots of great inspirations posts there this friday..
Just click on the link above to take a look..
Thank you Debbie and Kate for hosting these parties.

I think today was the day to add my Sorority Sister art:) I think....
Unfortunatly I dont have a printer so I made mine in an art program..
I hope this entry keeps me in good standing with all my SS's..

Sonny Needs Suggestions...please:)

 First off i want to thank all of you so much for the lovely compliments on my living room redo.. I really enjoyed the black and white theme since last oct. but NOW its time for a change.. Those of you who know me know that no matter how great something is, I must change it , hehehehe..  
   The more I look at all the lovely cottage homes here on the many blogs, the more I love that look.. Some things, I cant change, but others I can.. I can almost hear the gasps of horror by some when I say-- "I'm planning to PAINT some furniture"   ...  ok, now that the gasping is over lets get on to which pieces I want to paint..
I think this wardrobe would be nice painted white and I am considering adding the beadboard wallpaper to the front and side indented sections.. I saw some adorable checked knobs at hobby lobby's site - Love those and feel they would work great- especially since its right behind the game table I made out of that old frame..
 so thats the plan on that- now- what do ya think about those chairs at the game table also being painted white? they already have black n white checked seats so:)
 well dang- i dont seem to have a pic of the entry table but this black mirror would be removed and a white oval mirror would go in its place- chest underneath..
the other thing I'd love to change is the entry table and mirror.. I found an oval mirror at goodwill and have already painted it and I know theres a chest around here just begging to be painted..  Which would cure another issue I have -- lamp CORDS showing.. Some things just drive me beeeeezzzeeerrrk and one of the main ones is lamp CORDS showing lol... 
  When I get all these pieces painted and back in place, I'd really like to try my version of the beachy theme..
 I'll be storing all my black pieces in case these ideas dont work so I can slip everything back in place as it was.. 
  I would love to hear your THOUGHTS and any SUGGESTIONS as I admire so many of your Homes and decor styles..  Just speak your mind, it wont hurt my feelings... I'll remember to thank all of you when this plan comes together... This , to me. is like having 100 brilliant designers doing my room. Thanks in advance..

I appreciaite you stopping in even if you dont have any suggestions. just knowing I'm not doing this alone makes all the difference to me...

Hugs and happy Thoughts


Monday, June 14, 2010

Mary E ~ graduate tag

I wanted to join in with Vicki's new Mary Englebreit party over at "Cherry Chick"...
 I didnt have any ME so I made a tag for anyone who might like it for their graduate..
Make sure to click on the link above and go see all the adorable ME items others have..
Tag should be saved as a jpg in your picture file...

Happy Monday Everyone.~!!!

Hugs and Happy thoughts

Friday, June 11, 2010


Happy Friday~!
   I hope everyone is surviving the latest heat wave ok.. I try to do my chores before 10, if possible. This morning I got the yard mowed, walkways - patio- and front porch swept and my garden watered by 10:20:)  In many ways this was a good thing and in others, well.. Suffice it to say it gave me time after my shower to look through the online Pottery Barn catalog.. Yes, I've looked many times before but this particular time the dining rooms caught my eye.  I think it's becuase all the photos either have lots of light bright windows or outdoor settings.
  In my dining area there are no windows or brightness, BUT, as you may have noticed in a prior post, I CAN build a window lol..   Right now I have an oak pedestal table there.. Sometimes I use the 2 french style arm chairs that are painted black and other time I used the 4 white chairs I've had forever, yet they are still in style and their seat covers are easy to change out..
  I'm posting all 9 photos I saved and I thought it would be fun if folks looked through and choose their Favorite and said WHY it was their favorite.. Now - Play Right and just choose 1 .. I know that makes it tougher but as in life we cant have it all and we must make a decision:) so...
  Which Setting, speaks to you and why??
 I finally had to choose  A7 as my very favorite.. I'd leave off the coke crate but the rest of it really appeals to me.  it just says homey and cozy to me which translate to , Welcoming.. Add to that the extra storage below, which I need badly.. I love them all but remember, I had to Decide, something thats not easy for me:)
 I'm always interested to hear your thoughts about things so I'm looking forward to reading which 1 you choose and would love to see why too...

  I have numbered the photos in the bottom left corner....

all samples courtesy of the Pottery Barn online catalog....

As always its wonderful to have you visit me.. I hoped you grabbed a glass of sweet tea on your way in and some cookies too..  Come back anytime~!!!
I hope you and yours have a fun, safe weekend.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Pretty Inspiration in Blue

I love looking through sites and often choose to save some in a special folder , both for the different elements in a room or for the feelings the photo evokes..
  I thought I'd share some with you all today..I hope you enjoy looking and hopefully you might find something you'd like to replicate:)
These are all from my blue folder and from Martha Stewart's Color site.
I'm seriously considering making these small panels for the windows in my family room. I want it to be bright and clean out here, plus the lack of fabric just might help with my allergies..
The photo above reminds me so much of my Grandmothers kitchen.. I can almost smell her homemade biscuits and jam...
  I wouldnt do mine in blue but how cute would some potted flowers be on an exterior wall of your home.
I know it would add some interest to my outdoor decor.:)
 I think I just found a meta project for next monday looking at the photo below:)  come back and see if i can pull it off.. If I can I'll share how I did it with ya'll...
Thanks so much for stopping in to visit me.. I love reading your comments and hearing your thoughts about what I've posted...
   Maybe I can do rooms in neutrals next time..
Happy Monday and May your Path be smooth and full of positive energy..