Thursday, June 24, 2010

My 20.00 Find~! woohooo:Updated

I dont have alot to show but I sure do love what I did get. it was off  Craigs list but that's sorta a continuous yard sale lol...  Its in great shape but I may paint it white anyway.. Not sure about that yet.. For now I'll leave it as is.
I have a 7 ft. opening from my dining to my family room and thats where I'll let it sit for now. I dont think I'll have any trouble decorating it as I have lots of teapots :) some of ya'll know that already .. I'm thinking it'll be great to do my scapes on and that way I wont have to mess with my dining table constantly.. 
  I also found 2 great oval mirrors at goodwill. I got one painted and hung.. I'll try a plate display around it tommorrow and take a few photos , I can always see things better in a photo than I can with my nekkie eyes..
 Ya'll be sure to look on my sidebar for Debbie's blog link. Click on it and that will take you to her thrifting party so you can see what treasures others found this week..
Here's the tea cart.. $20.00
The sides lift up on both sides to make it larger.  I was thinking I might rent one of those frenchie maid costumes and surprise my hubs with treats on a teacart.. whatcha think??   lol

Too dark to get a good photo of the new mirror so I'll come back tommorrow and add pics.. 
thanks so much for visiting me and dont forget to go see DebbieDoo and her other posters..
I love reading your comments and seeing your lovely smiling faces here and I know they'd all love a visit too..
I did a quick mock up of plates around the oval mirror I spoke of..
I just used white as a sample but I have blue and white I could use also..
Do you like this configuration?? I'm trying to figure it out before I put holes in that wall I just patched and repainted:)

I'm also participating with Kate .. Lots of great inspirations posts there this friday..
Just click on the link above to take a look..
Thank you Debbie and Kate for hosting these parties.

I think today was the day to add my Sorority Sister art:) I think....
Unfortunatly I dont have a printer so I made mine in an art program..
I hope this entry keeps me in good standing with all my SS's..


  1. What a great tea it, love it. Can't wait to see what treasures you dress her up with. White would be gorgeous, but I'm really liking the black.

  2. Hi Sonny
    I really love your tea cart! What a great deal! while I always seem to paint things white (or creamy white), I really like the look of the black! Great find! Saw you over at Debbie Doos :)

  3. Boohoo...waaaaah, I have been looking for one forever...and all my girlfriends are looking too...I love it, I am HAPPY for you...she says jealously!!

  4. Hi Sonny! Oh, you did good! I love this tea cart! What a price. Don't you just love Craigslist! My husband says he wishes I'd never heard of it! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. I am sure your husband would love that!! Nice tea cart and I am sure you will make a nice vignette on it.

  6. Beautiful! Your price beat mine. I got mine for $30. You go girl!

  7. That is a rare find at a great price too! I think it will be beautiful white, since thats the direction you are going. :D

  8. Sonny I love that tea cart. Better yet you do not even have to paint it as it looks gorgeous black. I bet you will have it decorated so cute too. Thanks so much for linking up to the party....Enjoy the weekend!!~ Debbie

  9. What a great find. I have been looking for one forever!. Your right it will be wonderful to do scapes and seasonal things on without disrupting the dining table.

    BTW - good to meet a fellow Carolinian. I hail from SC. Annette

  10. What a great find! I can't wait to see what you do with it. I am not sure I have commented before but I really enjoy your blog.

  11. Great find, Sonny! Love the tea cart! I like your mock-up and good idea to do one before making holes in the wall. : )

  12. Oh I love this! I wouldn't paint it! I love it black. It's perfect as is! I am surprised by the price you got it for, that's excellent! Very cool how you did that mock up! I replied back on my post but just in case you didn't see I said, sorry, I am in SC not NC. I'm also in the middle of the state to, Columbia! Funny, because we are also referred to as the midlands and we even have a Lexington here in the midland area too! I was so excited! Bummer!

  13. Love the tea cart!! I saw one for $20 too at Salvation Army about a month ago and stupid me did not buy it and i am still kicking myself!!!

  14. Just stopping by from debbiedoos! I sooooooo wanted a tea cart but never found one in that great of shape for $20!!! I love the black but that is how it would look great in MY house!!!! lol

  15. the tea cart is a great find. I like the black but I'm sure it would look great in white too. I think the mirror would look good with the plates around it. I like the wood trim around your doorways.

  16. Hi Sonny, I am new to your blog and love it! I just love your cart find. Good job! ~ Laura

  17. Lovely cart!

    Visiting from DebbieDoos

  18. Hi Sonny, I love your new teacart. I had one similar to it years ago and sold it in my shop. I have always kicked myself for not keeping it. I like your mock up and can't wait to see the plates hung.
    Hugs, Sherry

  19. Hi, just stopped in the the Sisterhood of the Bloggerette's party? Have a great weekend.

  20. Love the tea cart! What a steal! I am sure your husband would just love a little surprise like that! I love your mock up! What a great idea! I am going to employ that idea when I am at that point in my master bedroom remodel.

    ~ Tracy

  21. Your tea cart is great!! If it was mine I would proably paint it white!

  22. Popping in from Debbiedoos party, that is such a darling teacart. I would love one exactly like that! You really scored, what a great price!!!

  23. A great deal! I love the black too. I can only imagine how it's going to look in your tablescapes.

    Have a wonderful week ~

  24. Loving your finds Sonny! That tea cart is sooo cute!

  25. hey sonny, love your new tea cart! i'm looking forwary to a teapot party! you have to be the thriftest shopper i know and always such great finds!

  26. I would love to find a tea cart like that! $20 is not a bad deal! Go for the French maid costume!:)


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