Sunday, March 4, 2012

Storage ~So Pretty and Useful

  Happy Sunday Morning.

 The sun is shining brightly here in NC but my mind is on all those who suffered through the storms this weekend.
 My thoughts and prayers are with them, just as I'm sure ya'lls are.     Life can change in the blink of an eye as we have seen the last couple of years as portions of different states have been devastated.    LIVE, like this was your last day , is what keeps going through my mind.. 

 On to these beautiful storage ideas.. all compliments of Better Homes and Gardens .

 I love so many of them and because there are so many different styles, I'm sure you'll find one or many a few that would work for you and your home.
 I hope you enjoy these samples.. I sure did..

  Thanks so much for coming to visit me..   You are always welcome and much appreciated..

love and hugs and all good things to You and Yours.