Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dang Good Thing I'm a Saver

 Did Ya'll think I got lost :)

  I'm here and learning Windows 8 and now also teaching it to my Daughter.   Its kinda like the blind leading the blind, except luckily she doesnt have to have all the programs on her pc that I do, so I can already tell its gonna be a lot easier for her.

   While I'm on this subject I just want to say Nortons antivirus and Firewall- that comes free as a 3 month trial WITH your Windows 8, is a royal pain in the patootie and I suggest you use AVG which is also compatible.  I am speaking from personal experience here and all opinions are strickly my own..

  anyway-  why is it a good thing I'm thrifty and a major monthly saver:)  cause right at Christmas time I had to buy 2 , thats right  2 brand new computers since ours went Kafllooie~!

  As soon as I get all this figured out -- all my programs loaded and functioning properly I'll get back to my decor posting..

   In the mean time I'll be visiting ya'll and enjoying what you're doing..