Monday, June 7, 2010

Pretty Inspiration in Blue

I love looking through sites and often choose to save some in a special folder , both for the different elements in a room or for the feelings the photo evokes..
  I thought I'd share some with you all today..I hope you enjoy looking and hopefully you might find something you'd like to replicate:)
These are all from my blue folder and from Martha Stewart's Color site.
I'm seriously considering making these small panels for the windows in my family room. I want it to be bright and clean out here, plus the lack of fabric just might help with my allergies..
The photo above reminds me so much of my Grandmothers kitchen.. I can almost smell her homemade biscuits and jam...
  I wouldnt do mine in blue but how cute would some potted flowers be on an exterior wall of your home.
I know it would add some interest to my outdoor decor.:)
 I think I just found a meta project for next monday looking at the photo below:)  come back and see if i can pull it off.. If I can I'll share how I did it with ya'll...
Thanks so much for stopping in to visit me.. I love reading your comments and hearing your thoughts about what I've posted...
   Maybe I can do rooms in neutrals next time..
Happy Monday and May your Path be smooth and full of positive energy..