Friday, May 18, 2012

Purple and Blue Sneak Peek

Hi Folks..

 I hope everyone is well and enjoying beautiful weather like we are having in NC..  I just want to stay outside all day and half the night and I would but, Duty Calls and I answer:)
 I made the before photo 29 days ago and even though I have watched this happen day by day, there nothing like looking at the 2 photos together..

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   My birdbath finally arrived today and I got it put together.. I LOVE it.. I've wanted one with a little bird on it and found this one on  39.00 and free shipping- happy dance goin on here lol..

I cant show the finished patio yet cause I cant make up my mind about a rug-- I havent recieved my wicker chair and ottoman cushions and I still have 2 Large pots I want to put trees and flowers in.. Yea, I know , I'm slow, go ahead and say it .. I really am and I know it..

Here's the before of this area..   Only a few purple blooms on the flowers and the hydrangea wasnt in the ground yet..  New mulch wasnt down either..  I had a lot to do, can ya tell..
and now, less than a month later..... I am so happy with it , I cant even tell ya.. I grab my coffee and out I go every morning to see if there's a new leaf  or bloom on anything.. These are the things that bring me JOY..
 no round the world trips, fancy smanchy parties-- been there- done that:)  Now and for several years its all about Home and Yard and Family and Friends and I can honestly say I have never been happier with Life.
 I feel so extremely blessed , I cant express it.
 Just looky at all those pretty blooms..  wooohoooooo  This was just one 3.99 plant and its grown 5 times its original size....  The thunder has been talking to all the plants and trees and saying " Grow little sweeties, Grow~!"
This is one section of the side adjacent to the back patio.   I hope to have more sections done in a couple weeks.
Oh Yea, I learned something so I am passing it on..   When I bought the hydrangea- it had some small blooms but they were a pale green- sorta no color really.  Then I was reading a murder mystery and it said if you added 10 penny nails around the roots- the hydrangea blooms would be blue and holy macarony - they are... 
 Thanks so much for coming to visit me.  You are appreciated and it makes me smile to read your comments..
Have a safe and wonderful weekend...
I'm wishing it for Ya..