Sunday, February 20, 2011

Transformation is 15 minutes or less:)

Ok I know doing it in psp is sorta cheating but but but.. lemme splain it to ya Ricky:)

I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.. ya'll do go see all the lovely transformations folks have posted for her party..Meta Monday ~!
As most know, I'm looking at homes in AZ , so we can do a whirlwind tour and decide which one to buy.
I kept thinking-- whats wrong with these places lol...  I mean some are very nicely built- decorated and maintained but even on those there was something missing..  Definately on those that are unoccupied SOMETHING was mega wrong.. Then it hit me this morning.. the windows dont have grids or molding.
The rooms dont have crown molding.. Whats up with that??  
 I may not be able to change the outside since the HOA's there have their finger up-- I mean on your pulse every minute but I sure can change the inside to my liking.  I mean seriously if you cant sit in your home and see what ya wanna see, then it just isnt much use to be on this planet anymore.. Or thats how I feel..
  Some folks were meant to live in a Cape Cod home in Maine but since I wont be doing that, I'll just adjust where I am to what I need it to be.. My Grandma said there was more than one way to skin a cat:: sorry Kitty, no offence meant::    Can Ya'll hear me channeling frank Sinatra and singing " MY WAY"  ..
 I grabbed one of the empty rooms off the realty site and played with it a little.. took me about 15 mins to go from utter Blah to ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Yahhhhhhhhhhhh~!
It'll look a lot better in real life-- but these mock ups give you the general idea of how a plain space can get some soul in about a day for a cost of between 80.00 and 160.00  .. Since I can cut/nail gun and paint the molding myself , my cost will be 80.00 or less- even when I add the cost of the exterior flower box which I must have so I'm looking thru the window and something I want to see versus gray grass or brown sandy dirt....If I start early one morning I should have it done by dark.
 I'm feeling better already knowing I have a plan..
I'll show the daytime mock up first and then the before photo..  I dont wanna scare ya with the before first lol..
 heres the door window area with white 2 inch blinds and grids added and just some molding from lowes or hd...  easy peasy.

here's what it looks like on the Realty site, which I guess is a good thing cause if it looked like my mock up they'd want twice as much for this home..  yea maybe this will be a new career for me.. ya never know, huh..

 Just for fun I had to try to take my day time mock up to night time..
Already thinking about molding in every room- white painted cabinets and black knobs...
But for now heres the nighttime mock up of just one wall... I just noticed those skinny baseboards will need to go too and some 4 inch be put in, OR I may do that trick where I add a shim piece 2 inches up from whats there and paint the trim and  in between section of the wall to make it look like 4 or 5 inch baseboard molding....  My mind is going a mile a minute, can ya tell..yes indeedy, now this I can live with and it;s such a simple change..
Ok , dont be shy- raise your hands and volunteer to come help me...

thanks for taking this virtual journey with me. We have miles to go before we move and more after that, before we Sleep...