Monday, November 14, 2011

If I did RED for Christmas

 If I did red, which I rarely do, this would be my Dream RED Christmas.  Its simple, its kinda country and somehow even though its red, its Quiet and I'm just one of those folks who wants and Needs a quiet atmosphere.
  This table setting suits me perfectly. in fact I'm looking out my family room window and there's a holly with its red buds on it. 
:: I'm so sorry. I have this in my christmas inspirational file and I have no clue of the Source~ I would surely give them credit if I did::

 There's something about this that reminds my of my Nana's table.  She was a simple woman who never worried if folks stopped in unexpectedly. there was always enough for however many came to the table.
Whatever happened to folks sending out Christmas cards. I guess emails have taken their place. I love REAL cards and I cherish the ones I have saved. 

I could sit out here on a chilly december afternoon and be a very happy camper. I'd definately need a cup of hot tea and maybe a few cookies..
  Later in the evening after dinner I'd plop myself right down in front of this fireplace and listen to Christmas carols while some sugar cookies baked .

  When I couldnt hold my peepers open any longer I'd crawl into this bed and off to dreamland I'd go, hoping I'd wake up to a soft snowfall when I woke up..

 Be sure to go to Marty's Tabletop Tuesday
 you'll be inspired by all the folks who post on her party and you'll probably find something you might like to do to.
I hope you enjoyed going with me on this red christmas dream...
 I wish you all Sugar plums and sweet dreams..