Monday, November 29, 2010

Family Room Music Table in Chocolate

 Hi there Folks..
I hope everyone has recovered from their Turkey Day meal.. I am slowing coming back to life after being stuffed for days..:)

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I think I mentioned a couple of weeks ago my plan to have a Music themed Christmas and thats made it a bit slow going as so much has had to be made.. Not only did I choose music but I also choose not to use tradition colors.. We are running the gamet from vanilla creme to dark chocolate brown and we are Loving it.. My daughter is especially happy since these are her favorite colors.
  I still have so much to do for the tree and the fireplace mantle but I am calling this table done...
  I had the violins on music paper  printed at walmart.. As soon as I got them I wished I'd had them done in 5x7 size but - too late.. Plus these little photos in frames are all over the tree and larger would have been too heavy for the branches...
I started out with plates and filled glass jars and after looking at it for a day I decided it was TOO MUCH and moved some things to other places in the room..
 I love my faux window but Dang it ~ its tough to take a good photo in the area..
.  I used the pinecones Maryanne sent me last year in several areas...
I've had these music ornaments for many years and I always enjoy seeing them when I bring my containers out of storage .. Isn't it fun every year to open your boxes and see the holiday items you've cherished.. For me its almost like visiting with old friends.
 Thanks so much for coming to visit me.. I appreciate it very much and your comments mean a lot to me.
I'll be having tea and cookies on thursday so stop back in and we'll have a great time...
 Happy Holidays Hugs to All  ~!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Maine Buffet" Christmas 2009 ~ revisited

This was the buffet Holiday decor for 2009
I bought this 1943 buffet last year from a lovely couple on Craigslist that were downsizing and moving to a florida condo. They had a large home in NC with many cherished furnishings that simple wouldnt fit in their new and rather modern condo.. As I always do, I promised the item they sold me would be cherished and well cared for in my home. I think it made them happy to know someone who would love it, had gotten it and I do..
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 A couple of weeks ago I was talking on the forum about how much I loved to mix natural materials with the faux holiday stuff I have but that pine cones were getting more and more difficult to find.. About an hour later I got a pm from a real sweetie that lived in Maine offering to go out and gather some things for me and send them. I excitedly and gratefully accepted. Her name is Maryanne and she is my forever Pine Cone Angel..  A very large box arrived and I was amazed to see all she had carefully gathered- packed so well and sent to me. Pine cones- moss and pine branches from Maine.. I tried but truly there are no words to express my thanks to her. I will carefully pack these cones just as she sent them and every year when I use them during the holidays I will think of her, her kindness and generousity and the Christmas Spirit that lives in her soul every day of the year.. Thank you again MaryAnne, this display is dedicated to you...

 I wish I'd had a deer or pheasant to add to this display but my snow bunny worked for this year.
My sincere thanks again to MaryAnne and to a big thank you to all who come to see this display.

Merry Christmas to You and Yours from all the Gianetti's

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Table on Dream Lane

 I have the table almost set..
Luckily my husband and his sister are doing the cooking which gave me time to play.. I made my napkins since I didnt have any fall tones in my stash..

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The Autumn Monarch plates by Johnson bros, came from homegoods.. We dont have meals at the table too often so just adding salad plates to my regular dishes gives a feeling of the season or occasion.
 I wish you All the Happiest of Thanksgivings and a wonderful holiday season full of peace , joy and Love.
Our Thanksgiving tradition is to let each person at the table have a moment to tell what they are grateful for..
Its wonderful to hear what they say but I have to admit it was more fun when the kids were little as what they'd say was so cute. Kids are like that, point blank-- whatever enters their mind at the moment...

I did have different table cloths but this crocheted table cover reminds me of my grandmothers table.. I miss you Nana, so please be close by in spirit with us...
 We dont have the fanciest table but it'll be a happy place and we'll all be grateful to be together.. Time seems to be going by so quickly and I want to hold these special moments as long as I possibly can.

you may have noticed my Jute Fruit:) I found a bag of fruit at goodwill with bumps and scratched and gouged out places that someone had turned in.. Even at the dollar store each piece is 1.00.. This bag had 11 pieces for 2.00 so I scooped up that bargain.. I had planned to paint them but then the idea of wrapping them in jute twine hit ~~ so I did:)  I have 9 more pieces to get done .. Thats what I'll be doing while we sit and watch the Macy's Day Parade..

 Happy Thanksgiving ~!!! and thanks for coming to visit me...

Monday, November 22, 2010

No BALLS for Sonny~sniff, sad~ lol

I searched High~ Low~ and sideways as my Grandma used to say and Nope- nada- No BALLS to go with the tree I wanted to accomplish for this year...

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go see all the wonderful things that have been posted this week.. I know you'll be inspired and amazed.

  Not living next door to Macy's and even if I did I couldnt work their ornaments into my bargain budget.. There was nothing else to do but make my own using what I had on hand...
 yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. I love them...~!!  just what I wanted and needed....
  I went to the dollar store and at the very back of the aisle they had a box of last years balls priced at 2--5 in each pack- plain sorta yucky balls--- for $1.00... that made them 10 cents each...  OK , I can handle that price ....
 Stained sweater I saved for I didnt know what... Buttons from my jar of saved buttons and 2 rolls for 1.00 ribbon and Viola...I figure 10 perfect balls to suit me for about 3.00 was a good deal...
   I needed balls that had texture- were the right colors- and added some lightness to my tree..
Sonny is a happy Girl... :)

  We're having company for Thanksgiving and then we're traveling to a few places around the state to see Christmas Displays... I needed my tree up Now so it would already be done by the time I got back home..
    Happy Holidays to All
More Christmas next week if I don't overdose on Pumpkin Pie...... giggle
   Thanks so much for stopping in to take a peek at what I've been doing....
Please come back again , anytime.. I love havin Ya'll visit...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dearest Blog Buddies~ I'm so THANKFUL

  I'm on a forum and this morning there was a post that I just had to repeat here...
  We'll all be so busy with family and friends .. Busy counting our blessings and taking trips down memory lane of those who are longer at our table, but still in our hearts..  To often I fail to tell folks , while I still can, how grateful I am for them.. How Thankful I am they are part of my life.. How Blessed I am to live in the same world with them.. How much I appreciate their kind words and their support.. So before we all get too busy I wanted to take the opportunity to do that now..  Your kindness- encouragment- willingness to share what you learn means more to me than I know how to express..
   I am so very THANKFUL for each and every one of you..
May the coming holiday is full of Peace and Joy for you and yours...

Your very grateful blogging buddy,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Musical Christmas? maybe- whatcha think?

 If only I could remember the Blogger who wrote the post about~ Anything New in Decor for the Holidays~
 I would love to give her credit for getting my mental wheels spinning....  If I figure out where I read it I'll come back and add her blog name..
In the meantime I'll carry on with my own story:)

  Three months ago I was discussing this years holiday theme with my daughter.   We do this every year at the end of summer..  Let me say in advance that YES, I know smart, thrifty folks use the same items they had the year before and just add to it.. Guess that means I'm not too smart or as thrifty as I'd like to think I am....

 I'm a Christmas Baby for those of you who dont know and this is a very special time for me. I have, since my teenage years , done the holiday decorating and I still love doing it.  each year is a new theme- last years was Santas ...

 So we discussed it and she said " whatever happened to all those musical instruments we used years ago"
I answered that I HOPED they were still in the storage building in a container but I'd have to go out there and check.... As of that Moment, the Musical theme was chosen.  I knew I'd be covering boxes with musical paper as I always add tiny gift boxes to me tree, regardless of what theme I have chosen...
 It was about 3 weeks later when all the catalogs started to arrive and what to my wondering eyes did I see??
photo courtesy of Pottey Barn.....:)
  Will I use be making and using Match Boxes- NO  ..
    Yep, musical everything lol... paper- ornaments- wreaths you name it ,, it has music paper and msuical ornaments on it...  So of course it'll look like I'm following the latest design ideas of the stores...
 I wonder if I leave the tarnish on all those poor old ornaments if that'll prove I really did do this theme long ago and will be using it in different ways again.. Nah,, probably not..
   I have to wonder if ideas float up into the sky and drop on folks lol.. Ideas are where everything begins and they are strong powerful things, so maybe they do....
   Maybe I'll stand outside today and another beautiful idea will bop me on the head....

Happy Thursday~!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Revisiting Last Years Christmas Mantle

above is the link to my original post and below is the link to Beths Party..

Theres a linky party going on and ya'll just have to see all the beautiful Holiday mantles.. They are so pretty..

Happy Sunday and I hope you find inspiration..