Monday, September 5, 2011

Living Room-Little Changes

 Hi Folks.
I sure have missed being here this week. I did manage to come by and visit a few of you but not nearly as many as I had hoped to..
I wanted to thank all those who came by and left a comment. I appreciate your time.
I'll be joining several parties this week. They are all listed at the bottom of this post. Please gives these sweet folks a visit..  You'll enjoy yourself I promise..

  I got new lampshades:)  yes, I am years behind everyone else. I finally changed mine over to drum style .
I like them and they gave the lamps a whole new look, in fact, the daughter asked if I bought new lamps, so I know I did GOOD cause she does'nt usually notice such things. Its odd I don't notice things till I make a photo of them.. Though no one else will remember- I have'nt changed up my ottoman tray in a year~!  dusted YES, changed, NOOO.... but I sure see it now.. anywhoooooo  see them latidadrumlampshdes... I like them a LOT..just wish I had done it sooner..
As I looked at the photo a bit more I realized I win the RUDE HOSTESS award this week too... Why, you ask.. Cause there's no tea in the cups and nothing for ya'll to snack on.  sheesh, where is my mind..
So I quick go to the kitchen and whip us up something.. fruit n cookies anyone?
  I dont know why some years these bosc pears are better than others and this year they are yummy. Firm but juicy.. My favorite fiber.. oh my , I cant believe I've reached the age when I have to think about Fiber..
 I see that adding just a few items with color changed the whole tone of the photo too.. much better:)
I have several bird cages, so this black one ended up on the sofa table.  See the photo of the little girl there.
 She is my Aunt Peggy who has passed. At 3 years old she sat so still and had her picture made. 1917-2002
  Take a good look cause in the next few weeks the ottoman will be recovered , new pillows for the sofa  and there is a pair of wingbacks on the opposite wall that I got from craigslist.. I hesitate to show them to you as they might make your eyes go wonky , giggle...
You wanna see them? seriously, you do?? Just remember , I warned you..  they DO NOT go with the black/white/taupe and apple green of my living room but not to worry, they wont look like this long..
Get ready- brace yourself, this is shocking...
  again in a photo I can clearly see the teacart isnt going to work there..  thats ok, it'll give me an excuse to shop for a table I can redo and use.
 ok. last warning for your eyeballs..  these chairs were newly recovered 6 months ago and the lady decided once they were delivered , she didnt like them..  gee, wonder why.......................  thud- faint  oui vey:)
  So I bought 2 very nice quality chairs for only 60 dollars and the man delivered them..  I had to laugh when he said , " God bless you Dear for taking these chairs. I've been hearing the gripping for 6 months and I wasnt sure I could handle it another day"  ... I said- aww gosh, your welcome... then he left and I squealed with delight at my new treasures that I knew I could make look Fabulous in a short period of time..
 oh yea, the chairs:) I almost forgot..
Hopefully I can get these done and you'll smile the next time you see them.
as always , thanks so much for visiting me. I do appreciate it so much..
Wishing you Health- Wealth-and Happiness

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