Friday, December 16, 2011

Rainy Imperfectly Perfect Day

 I missed so many of the parties but it had a silver lining. It gave me time to visit so many of you that I know and to meet some new folks and see their creations..  I even learned a few things along the way..  Tips for projects- rooms I'd love to copy certain elements of, and most importantly the fact that it doesnt have to be perfect in every single inch of the home.  I stress too much, seriously I do.  That needs to stop and I am inspired by others in blogland to STOP it.  I want to thank those of ya'll who did the " keeping it real" posts and for showing me your areas that dont always bring you absolute joy every single minute.
Often we come to our blogs and check out others posts and well, I admit it, makes me feel like I am not quite up to par on certain things.  I need to remember I am looking at a photo they choose to post and just a few feet away , right out of the lense, is something that isnt picture perfect ..
 In case you cant see it- I smudged my Merry Christmas stamp AND in an attempt to get the deer to stand up on its own like its supposed to and by golly outta considering what I paid for this junk that arrived, I broke its leg...  now I have Hunk of junk with gorilla glue on it.. oh yeaaaaaaaa  NOT  lol..
 and just in case ya missed it I have 1 headless reindeer on that stamp too..   I know folks are into antlers- but headless reindeer- I dont think sooooooooooo..
  I think thats the gift I'll give myself this Christmas.. I dont have to be PERFECT, its ok and I dont need to Stress about it anymore.
  I think I'll start not stressing- Today,  just gonna call it an early gift to myself:)

I stenciled a couple of pillows and sat them on the family room love seats for the paint to dry.  Then my neighbor called and asked if I could help her hang a picture and I went over there for about 15 mins.
When I got back, I saw that Buffy Marie had decided the new pillows were for her- well , at least one of them was.... What did say Silent Night, now says Slgityysh Nolgjhdg  or thats what it looks anyway..
She has no idea why I might be taking a picture of her oh so innocent face... deep breathing relieves anger, did I remember to mention that?  DEEP BREATH
 While I had the camera out I thought I'd go on and show you a few imperfect areas..
In this photo , if you gaze left, you'll see how the pillow was supposed to look- I still have to embellish it but you better believe I moved it before she could put her fat fanny on it and smear those words too..
Right at the edge of the loveseat foot you'll see a sqished up blanket over sorta in a hole- thats hers and thats where she should be sitting.  it stays there all the time unless I am vacumming, I just keep it out of the lense:)
This is the view if you had just stepped in my front door.  Lone deer on mantle- havent finished decorating that AND table to your left no decor either...  I gotta get busy folks ..
I did get a few things on the living room sofa table but didnt get the candles lit or the bow made yet for the picture frame-- again, imperfection at its finest lol..  oh yea and the 2 bare spaces there on the sofa thats where the  Sighdyst Norldjhgs  Pillows were going ~ so much for that I reckon.
I came back to my desk to load the pictures for this post and looked up and saw all the way to the front door.. I really like that I can do that and I liked what I saw, so I took a picture for ya'll..
All that glassware I washed and dried is sitting on the end of the bar waiting patiently for me to decide what holiday love  they are all gonna get OR if they are gonna get any..  I dunno yet.   But they are clean and sorta sparkle in the light and maybe thats enough.. Those little trees at the family room entrance DO light up IF someone remembers to plug them it... Candles would have been nice in that lantern hanging there too, dontcha think?    Wouldnt those dining chairs new cushions have looked lovely if I'd gotten the stripes stenciled on them sometime in the last 5 weeks?  I bet they would have :)

    So there you have it folks.. Dont you feel lots better now..  None of us is living in a constantly, perfectly decorated home and I hope you give yourself the gift of less stress- accepting that it doesnt always have be perfect, YOU and Your Home are OK just the way you are right this minute.  Besides if ya'll wait till I get everything exactly right in here, you'll never be able to visit me and that would hurt me badly...
Holiday Hugs to ALL and God Bless Us, Every One~!