Thursday, July 28, 2011

Party Announcement & Landscaping samples:)

 Debra over at Common Ground blog~ Party Details HERE~   is going to be starting a new design challenge party.. I sure know what I need help with-- my new Landscape..

  I pulled out 14 year old shrubs that were overgrown and so out of shape even a professional trimmer after 3 tries couldnt get them back to looking nice...  I also had to have 3 trees removed. One was dead ,one had lost a major limb from lightning and the 3rd just had a horrible shape and did'nt look too healthy.

  Right now my entire front yard is blank, except for a few tiny plants at the porch, so this is a great time to put together a design for it and start new..

  Here are a few samples I found on the BHG site  .. I'm saving others too and looking forward to getting ideas an suggestions for ya'll when Debra gets her party up and running..

I'd love to have something like this to the right of the driveway..
This would be great on the far right side of the yard starting at the edge of the house..
This mailbox decor makes my heart go pitter patter:) 

 Now if I can add lots of ideas from ya'll it will help me so much...
 I hope to see ya at the Party over at Common Ground.. here that's link again and its on my sidebar too..
Debra's Design Challenge Party

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