Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Geranium Love and Many Thanks

Hi Folks..
 I hope this post finds ALL WELL in your world.
I sure have missed ya'll.. So much going on here and not a lot of time for blogging. I did get some visiting in though.. I was happy to see most of your posts but it made my heart a little sad to see that our precious Laurie was taking a long break.. She has been so kind to me and I will miss her bunches while she relaxes and hopefully gets her blog spark back...
 I want to Thank You all again for your good wishes and prayers for my daughter and I as we go through this life changing experience.. I hope to have good news for you this coming week ..

I was at my local hardware store and a lady came by with a trunk full of some of the prettiest geraniums I have ever seen-- so of course I bought some.. Not sure who was happier, Me or Her:) She mentioned she grows them with Love and it certainly shows.. Unfortunately most folks go to the big outlets or nurseries and often she has to take her flowers back home when they dont sell..   Not to worry this year though cause as soon as my neighbors saw them, they wanted some for themselves .  She sold her entire trunk load that day and I am thrilled for her.. 

 I found my ferns at my local veggie store.. Those folks have great produce and in the spring they get ferns and later will have some locally grown trees and shrubs.. I'll be going back as I am looking for 2 crab apples and a weeping willow.. I have the spot all picked out in my yard for them and cant hardly wait till they arrive and get in the ground..   Have I mentioned lately how very much I love my home, my yard and all the beautifully growing things in it? We've been getting lots of rain and you can almost sit and watch things grow , giggle.. 
 Thanks so much for stopping in for a visit and letting me show you what I love and appreciate.. It just isnt the same of I cant share it with YA'LL...

Many Blessings and Big Hugs