Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tea Cart Tinkering

 Hi Folks..

 I'm back from Nowhere , giggle.  Thursday about the time we were all packed and ready to leave my Daughter said " I feel funny" . 10 minutes later it was obvious- I'll spare ya'll the gory details- we knew she has a tummy virus..   We brought everything back in and she basically went to bed for the next 4 days.. Then, as it usually happens around here, I got it.~!    All better now and we are thankful for that as well as the fact that we werent several hours down the road or at our destination.  When your sick, you just want your Own Bed.

 Time to rest and think was a vacation of its own though and I have decided to return to reborning- Part Time..    I got away from it for awhile becuase I tend to let things consume me.. I've promised myself I will work only a certain number of hours and only a few days a week. No staying up all night and forgetting to eat. LOL.

 If you'd like to take a peek-
Babies For YOU~ Savannahs Sweeties
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   Some of you may remember this tea cart I purchased 2 years ago..  I still love it but have been thinking it might be time for an update.   I'll be using my own formula of chalk paint but am unsure what color would be best..
 White or more of a pale grey- what say You?
   Its good to be back.. I have missed Ya'll bunches
 Joining these Parties..

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