Monday, January 30, 2012

$5.00 Lamp redo

I found this brass, swing arm lamp at goodwill for 5.00..  I hesitated for a minute cause I figured it was one of those cheapo, very light, might tip over, floor lamps..  I walked over anyway and took hold of  it and wow, it was HEAVY. So I knew it was a more expensive piece originally . Great- I'll take it. 

I stopped my lowes and bought a can of orb spray paint- gotta love that stuff.
Lampshade from walmart was waiting for me in the storage room.  Got that a few weeks before for 8 or 10,
I forget now but way cheaper than ballards:)  I did a post letting ya'll know where they were and several of ya bought some.

 Cleaned the brass- spray painted it 2 light coats and let that dry .  I dont have a doubt this lamp as it is now would have cost between 100.00 and 150.00  ..  Mine- lamp-shade-paint ,,  $22.80
Sonny is a happy girl:)  Its just what I wanted and needed and at a bargain price too.  The daughter has tried several times to swipe it for her room but I go in there and swipe it back..   I wonder if I can find another for that price..  Maybe.
Heres the link to Susan's Meta Party

as you can see I marked my photo as she suggested in this weeks post.:)
Thank Ya'll for visiting.   Life is busy for me right now and I havent been posting as much as usual but I'll make my way back here more often.
Big Hugs and Lots of Happy Wishes coming your way.