Friday, September 21, 2012

My Friday Pin

 I've been looking at a lot of wall art lately and then I spotted this on Pinterest.

I do like the way it looks but what I like even better than that is, I can make my own with my art program and save about 500.oo bucks lol..

Next week I'll post a few samples to show you what will be One of a Kind art.

  I dont like seeing what I display in my home every time I look at a magazine or open a blog post. Nope, I need original , all my own, one of a kind stuff- just like ME .. giggle.

thanks for visiting and do stop my Decor to Adore to see what others have pinned at    Laura's Pin Party Friday
hugs and happy weekend

Small Fall, So Far

 Fall is here folks and I took a little time to make a small display.  Ya know how life gets busy and we just cant do all the things we wish we could.

 I sure have enjoyed looking around all over blogland and seeing the beautiful fall displays and pumpkin parties.
 Since my fall is small so far I wont be at any of the parties.. Just not enough to show off.

 Here in NC we have every color on display during this season.   I decided to make my basket with lots of things I love to see, so I added pumpkins , gourds, florals and seaside items too.
 Now if I only had time to stop and gather lots of goodies I see growing on the side of the road- awww- sigh.  I dont have that kind of time but I certainly do enjoy natures bounty . I know everyone thinks their state is beautiful but seriously, NC has it all and I love it.

 Its been in the mid 50's when I get up in the mornings and the air smells and feels so good. I absolutely
 adore this time of year , so I try to enjoy as much of it as I can with family and friends locally.
  We're going to the Farmers market this saturday and I know all the displays and produce will be Great. 
I'll be getting a few pumpkins to cook and freeze so I'll do a recipe post then as well as a tut on how I cook my pumpkins.. easy peasy- just the way I like it lol..
 I happen to have someone semi famous in my family and she is all about the Pumpkin:)  more on that later.

 My rooms- living family and dining are all on hold for now as I attend to other issues. Its very unlike me to be this calm and peaceful when a room isnt complete, but this time, I'm fine with it.  Life is good and when its all meant to Come Together, it will .. 
I'm joining the Make It Pretty Monday Party
 I am wishing all of ya'll a wonderful weekend.. Enjoy every moment~!