Monday, January 30, 2012

$5.00 Lamp redo

I found this brass, swing arm lamp at goodwill for 5.00..  I hesitated for a minute cause I figured it was one of those cheapo, very light, might tip over, floor lamps..  I walked over anyway and took hold of  it and wow, it was HEAVY. So I knew it was a more expensive piece originally . Great- I'll take it. 

I stopped my lowes and bought a can of orb spray paint- gotta love that stuff.
Lampshade from walmart was waiting for me in the storage room.  Got that a few weeks before for 8 or 10,
I forget now but way cheaper than ballards:)  I did a post letting ya'll know where they were and several of ya bought some.

 Cleaned the brass- spray painted it 2 light coats and let that dry .  I dont have a doubt this lamp as it is now would have cost between 100.00 and 150.00  ..  Mine- lamp-shade-paint ,,  $22.80
Sonny is a happy girl:)  Its just what I wanted and needed and at a bargain price too.  The daughter has tried several times to swipe it for her room but I go in there and swipe it back..   I wonder if I can find another for that price..  Maybe.
Heres the link to Susan's Meta Party

as you can see I marked my photo as she suggested in this weeks post.:)
Thank Ya'll for visiting.   Life is busy for me right now and I havent been posting as much as usual but I'll make my way back here more often.
Big Hugs and Lots of Happy Wishes coming your way.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Plant Sale Alert ~ !

I just had to share this will Ya'll..  I know a lot of us love live plants in our homes and this is a great deal..
Just sharing- walmart wont pay me thats for sure hehehehe
anyway- in a month these will be back to their normal  $54.95 price..  Right now in the walmart garden section they are 12.50.... Lots of different tropicals- very healthy and over 5 ft tall..  Grab um while ya can.
I got this palm and I love it~!  
ps~ please just pretend you DONT see that crappy brass door knob.. I'll change it out to orb soon.  :)
love and hugs and all good thing to ALL

Monday, January 16, 2012

Headboard Votes are in ~!

 What a morning lol..  I got several emails about folks not being able to comment.  I fixed that yesterday evening, I thought.  then I got more emails so I tried to fix it again AND remove the links added to my post. 
 Instead-I lost the whole Post and 1 more...   Cant find them, cant retrieve them..   Feeling very lucky I didnt delete my entire blog like I did 2 years ago ..   I cant tell you what a bad feeling that was.

At last count, before the post went poof:)  it was 27 for the curved headboard and 2 for the square and 2 for "either will look good"  giggle.. I'd say the CURVED won, wouldnt you?  Yes. 

 I'll start working on it today ..  Thanks for voting and for making some great suggestions.
 Ya'll are the BEST~!
 Next we'll have to have a Lamp vote lol..  Yep thats right. I'll be adding  several Lamp choices and would love to have your opinion as to which works best.. 
thanks again

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bedroom Update 1

 Did ya'll see this was update 1..  Why, cause I may do several before its all done.  I think I know exactly where I'm headed though..
here are excuses//reasons:)
1. daughter was sick for 3 days- slept- so no noise could be made..
2. Carpenter= who I need to do a little configuring on the craigs list headboard I bought- his kids were sick.
3. Carpenters kids got better and Carpenter and his Wife- SICK- so I kept the kids here so they could get well in peace and quiet.
4.  Miss Buffy- ya'll remember the pom who sat on my newly stenciled pillows at Christmas.. She had a few seizures. We changed meds and she's been ok since.

so thats been the last 5 days and no decor involved..
 I do want to thank you all for your encouragement and for liking my new bedding..  I will get this accomplished- seriously I will..
I ordered some fabric and it should be here today.  Not sure if it'll be used in the bedroom or the living room.
 Thats what I like about my black and white color theme though- if it doesnt work in one room, there are 6 other rooms it just might work it OR  just swapping the family room pillows for the bedroom pillows gives me enough of a change to keep me from doing something crazy like redoing an entire room lol.. especially if it doesnt need doing cause whats there is probably less than 6 months old. 

so here's the fabric..this photo is large but the actual pattern is about 5 inches apart.  keys are a lot closer to each other- thank goodness..
 I got a few emails about this fabric so..

 Fabric Guru.. on sale 7.95 per yard.. They ship your fabric , regardless of quantity for 4.95..  Hope that helps all who might be interested.  They are having a great sale on many unique fabrics as well as their regular ones..... not advertising for them:: though they do have great customer service::  just passing on info for anyone who wants to know..

I hope all is well in your world.  As always, I appreciate your visit..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Bedding

  New Years day was so nice.  Quiet and peaceful and spent with folks I adore.  Doesnt get better than that, well, except for the fact that after 3 years of trying many beddings sets- I finally found one I'm in love with.
 The shams, the bedskirt, the quilt- all suit me right down to the ground.. I know to ya'll this should be a simple thing but after such a long struggle its so good to finally walk by my bedroom door and smile.

  My new headboard  is painted and ready to hang, nite tables are painted but the knobs havent arrived yet  and the wall decor is sitting around in the room but not on the wall yet..  Still though, I am tickled the bedding is right and I think the rest is gonna fall into place in the next week or so.....

  Here's a pic of the bedding from the JCP site..  I love stripes and floral and this set is reversible. wooohoooo

  I'll be posting more as I get things done and then the reveal of the whole room soon..
Send me good decor vibes, would ya please....