Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Santa in the "SNOW"?

  I was going through my Christmas containers to see what else I was going to use and what could go back to the storage builder.  I came across what I thought was just a crumpled up ball of paper but once i picked it up, it was heavier than crumpled paper should be.  Amazed and thrilled, I found a tiny santa I thought I'd lost several years ago.  He must have fallen to the bottom of the box and larger heavier items had been stacked on top of him.. He's fine, came thru without a scratch. I knew he had to have a special place in the holiday decor this year in honor of his survival:)

There's more to this story:::    6 or 7 years ago, one of my Pom babies had a little infection in her eye. I bought epsom salts and followed a recipe from my Nana and it worked perfect.  It only called for an 1/8th of a teaspoon in a cup of water so I've had a 99.99% full container of epsom salts in the same cabinet , in the same spot for years.. But it wasnt there today~!  Nor anywhere else in the house that I could think of to search..  I started to think my tiny santa display wasnt going to happen since I felt I had to have snow..
  So I'm just passing on what I learned today..  Guess what else looks like faux snow- epsom salts- ice crystals or whatever folks have been using --  Powdered Milk~!  yep, thats right, powdered milk, which I had, so I used it..   We bloggers are nothing if not creative~! lol...  I think the government should hire us to figure things out at a rapid pace, start the proper steps to quickly turn situations around cause we'd be soooooooooooooooooooooooo good at it , not to mention the money we'd save the country..
Steppin off my soap box now and posting what we like best--  the PICTURES  lol
Silver tray and candles from the dollar store- bottle trees from my stash and powered milk snow from the pantry.. White deer from somewhere online , I forgot the name of the store and they were over priced anyway..

  This vignette is at the end of my bar that faces the living room.  Since I'm not actually decorating in there this year, this gives folks who come thru the front some holiday prettys to look at too..
Sweet tiny santa is so happy to be out of the box... bless his lil heart.

 Do ya'll think I have enough candles going in this area lol...I love all the twinkling of the flames.

Santa and I appreciate you visiting us.  We promise to have cookies and tea next time..

God Bless Us, Every One.   Tiny Tim

Love and Hugs
I am participating in these parties.  Do make sure to click the links and pay them a visit. There will be lots of inspiration and beauty to enjoy.. Thanks ladies for hosting these great parties for us so we can show off our Stuff and see others folks new creations too...

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Reindeer Tabletop

 I'm not sure this is how it will stay , but for now I'm happy with it.  This room always takes me the longest or maybe I'm just slow , hahahaha.

  All the plants I usually have out here had to move to the guest room and they seem to be enjoying the bright sun light that room gets and may refuse to come back out here. 

 Since this is a tabletop I'm joining Marty's party at A Stroll Thru Life.
Link to Marty's Party~Tabletop Tuesday

Also joining the new linky party at Ivy and Elephants Blogspot.
Whats It Wednesday at Ivy and Elephants
 Reindeer from Khols last year and red ornaments .  I'm really liking the battery operated candles from Lowes.
 They look quite real and no mess and ya'll know I am all about the NO MESS issue .. 

I still need to make my pillows and hopefully I can get that done after dinner and add them to this post by wednesday. So come back and see me when I link up to Kim's wow party,, pretty please.

 If you've never taken a photo in a huge mirror, trust me, its a very trying experience .. No matter which way you go at it- you are either totally in the photo or you and everything in that and 3 other rooms is in it..  ugg

OH- do I spy the painted breakfast room set I never got around to showing ya'll.. 
 Since its a Pottery Barn copy cat I better wait a little longer and add it to Deb's party.
See what I mean about seeing other rooms.:)

Of course theres a section of the kitchen in this photo.. 
Thanks so much for visiting me.. Its always a pleasure to have you in my home.
Happy Holidays to All and to All , Big Hugs and Good Wishes.
God Bless Us, Every One.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Sneakie Peekie

   I'm making progress, slowly but surely.  It took me a while to choose a Theme but once I did the color was easy...  I mean seriously, do Cardinals come in other colors? nooooooo  lol.. 

   I woke up friday morning thinking about what I learn this past year about what were the most important things, what I loved and cherished,  what brought me Joy and Peace.  Beyond my spiritual beliefs , I most cherish my Child- My Home and My State.   I just happen to live where the Cardinal is the state bird and when I look up from my desk theres a crepe myrtle tree and many many times theres a Cardinal there eating or just perched on the limb..  It may be fanciful thinking but I believe they're here to bring me a special message or just to remind me of  what I love and to stop a moment and take Joy in it as I go about my day.

 I've always done a big bow as a tree topper but this year, This seems perfect to me. So I'm going with it.. Too much second guessing myself always gets me in a big ole mess.. 

  For someone who is very neutral oriented :)  I'm  amazed at how good the red I see is making me feel and I'm happy about that.    For so many years I was determined to do non traditional colors. I wish I had photos of my  silver trees--  purple trees- even lime green trees..   I'm starting to think someone really can change, cause I sure am craving tradition this year..  

   Thanks so much for visiting me even though I dont have a lot to show you this time.  I'll keep working on it and hopefully I can show you the finished tree by wednesday:)..  Then I can move on to the rest of the room.

I wish you a  Joyful Sunday ~!
 God Bless Us, Every One..      source- Tiny Tim


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trees Trees and More Trees ~ !

I know most everyone is busy cooking and cleaning but you'll need a break and I thought I'd give you some pretties to look at ..
You wont need extra commentary from Me.. so I'll hush and just let you find some inspiration.
Thanks for visiting and Enjoy your Day

  ~ all photos- Source - Raz Trees..  

Love and Hugs and All Good Things to You and Yours

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sittin on my Roo:)

Yep I sure am sittin on my Roo stools today, heheheheh.. There are 3 of them so ya'll come join me.

Joining Susan for Meta Monday..

 Why with all I have to do to get ready to put out the holiday decor , I decided to recoved my barstools is a dang good question, but after 6 years of not liking these seats, at 5 am I did it.
 I got this roo fabric years ago and its been in my stash . Out it came and with my cobra staple gun fully loaded the kerplunk kerplunk kerplunk began and in less than an hour they were DONE..  Why why why do I procrastinate so long about doing simple tasks??  Wish I knew the answer..

Here is the original fabric::it was ok but not what I wanted.. As those of you who have been here recently know I have a black and white theme going on in the kitchen now.    So this just wouldnt do.

and now they look like THIS::
much better, dont ya think?  plus they go well with the new black and white bamboo placemats  on the bar and the roo lamp and shade I showed the other day.. but if you missed the lamp- here it is again:)
I've made a few other changes too but I havent taken photos yet of those... Maybe tomorrow if I get my chores done this afternoon...
Happy Saturday to Ya'll and thanks for visiting me..  I love having you in my home.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sweater Ball for Christmas

 I know many of you are getting ready for the holidays so I wanted to repost my Sweater Ball for those who might be wanting a change of holiday decor without spending much or maybe any money..
  I have 5 little girls visiting next door and their Grandma needed something for them to do this weekend.
 I gave her a large carton of balls I've gathered during the year and a few sweaters-- she bought the buttons and ribbon..  I cant wait to see what they make.. 
:::  In case you ever change your mind and want to go back to the original ball it isnt hurt in any way, just unwrap and back to new::
  Just take any balls you have and any old sweater or get one cheap at goodwill.Mine was cream toned but it could be any color you'd like to use- even a patterned sweater would be fun.  Cut yourself some circles-- ENOUGH to cover the ball and an extra inch for the top.  Pull your sweater circle up over the ball and use a rubber band to hold it.. Then wrap with twine or ribbon,  add a few olld buttons or if you dont have any they sell them by the 50 pack at the Everythings a Dollar store and VIOLA, you have custom made, unique to You christmas tree balls, or where ever you want to use them..
 If memory serves I think I made 23 balls from just one large size sweater.  
  If you have leftover burlap or drop cloth or heck any fabric- you could use that..  The possibilities are endless and you dont have to even get out the hot glue gun or decoupage sticky stuff:)   
  Cheap, easy and quick~!  you know we all need this kind of project , especially during such a busy hectic time of year...

 Have Fun~!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Little Rooster Lamp for my Kitchen

I wanted to show you my new lamp by the sink.  I forgot to take a before photo but I found one pretty close on the internet.  Mine was very Colorful  like the sample and this wasnt going to work with my color scheme.
  here's the sample I found

adding this here~ ~~~link for Kim's Party- WOW us Wednesdays

  Out came the kilz primer and I sprayed it.. Then::though it doesnt show well in the pic:: I lightly antiqued it using just the tiniest bit of minwax walnut stain in the details.. In real life that part shows up a lot more..  I'm pretty sure I learned this trick from Marty at A Stroll Thru Life..  She did this technique on something and I never forgot about it, so thanks Marty~!      Just goes to show you never knows who's watching and learning from the things we post..

 Here's it is with the light on..  AND  this lamp shade was on sale yesterday at Walmart for only 3.99 -- usually 8.99..   They had lots of them if anyones interested..
A light right by the sink suits me. I dont like to turn on the ceiling lights just to do a little something in there.  Its enough light if I need something from the kitchen at night and it makes me smile.

Here it is with the light off.. maybe you can see the details a bit better.
 I'm tickled with how it turned out and I love projects that only take about an hour before I can check them off my list...

 Thanks so much for visiting me. We're mighty happy to have ya.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oak to White Kitchen- Look Quick~!

 Now I know ya'll have seen lots of kitchens that have gone from the dreaded builders oak to Darling Dontcha Just Love It WHITE.   My kitchen isnt as fancy as many you've seen on the web and here in blogland, but let me assure you, you havent seen a kitchen more LOVED than mine- especially wearing her pretty white clothes.
~~~~link for Kim's Party- WOW us Wednesdays
 Why do you need to look quick?   Because I'll be taking whats on the counters and cab tops OFF and putting up new stuff  plus the Holiday decor.. I'm giving myself Corbels for Christmas, moving the microwave to its new area in the pantry room as we rarely use it and I dont have a lot of counter top space. Which of course means that corner will have to have something special placed there.  Something lots prettier than the front of a microwave:) Plus, I have been dreaming of a few glass doors and how pretty that would be all lit up, especially since there's no window in my kitchen.    Then I'll have to show you my kitchen again and if I get real busy even the barstools will get new seats.. I think they deserve them after 5 years, dont you?

Well, I put off the inevitable as long as I can.  Now ya gotta look at the OAK pic.. I know- its bad, real bad.
  Whats even worse is, I actually thought I had the counter tops decorated.....what was I thinkin-- ok, I wasnt, thats the only answer possible.
  I thought if I put up a pretty backsplash and under counter lights it would change things and MAYBE I could learn to love it..
 Much better- but it was still oak and my heart just could'nt get happy.. 

I have no idea how this got damp but obviously it did cause it has a water mark on it..   I'm showing you this for a reason- just trust me,K..  Yes my lovlies, thats what I looked at for 3 years.
and now it looks like  THIS... I LOVE IT- I mean seriously LOVE IT.
Ya'll know the routine.. lightly sand- prime- 2 coats of paint- add new hardware..  I wont tell all that in detail cause the instructions are all over the internet. With detailed tutorials and step by step photos. I would like to say-  dont be intimidated by this project. Its messy- time consuming - and at best takes a full week before the kitchen is usable again but that just means you need to eat out and wont have to do dishes..  whats Bad about that?  NUFFIN  lol

Here we are with doors off and plastuc wrap on the counter- I told ya, the process isnt lovely BUT

then you get to this Part..  I smile every time I see it , morning - noon or night.  I for one would never have another kitchen that wasnt WHITE. thats just me..
 In the next few photos you'll see whats on the counter changes and then changes again..

I'm thinking the glass front doors might be nice here on this end.. what do you think?

  All the decor is off the counters now and I'm getting ready to give them a good cleaning and a coat of paste wax..  When next you see it- there will be Changes:)
 Might as well give you a look at how it LOOKED in the breakfast area too- since that set is gone and I have painted a new frenchie set for that area and added a new light fixture. All she needs is her seats covered and some wall decor and let the holiday scaping begin..

So much to do in so little time.. oh my- I see the old tv was in the family room where now sits a latge flat screen and a ginormous media center fireplace combo...  But we'll get to that room later..

  I hope you enjoyed seeing the oak to white and that you'll come back to see what changes Santa brings to Ms White Kitchen..

on 3,, everybody say- I Believe in Santa, I Believe in Santa, I Believe in Santa.
thanks:)  theres magic in those words.. 

 Love and Hugs and All good things to You and Yours.
  I'm taking a little break over Thanksgiving but I'll be around to see all your pretty decor and food..
Save a piece of of pie for me, pretty please.

Monday, November 14, 2011

If I did RED for Christmas

 If I did red, which I rarely do, this would be my Dream RED Christmas.  Its simple, its kinda country and somehow even though its red, its Quiet and I'm just one of those folks who wants and Needs a quiet atmosphere.
  This table setting suits me perfectly. in fact I'm looking out my family room window and there's a holly with its red buds on it. 
:: I'm so sorry. I have this in my christmas inspirational file and I have no clue of the Source~ I would surely give them credit if I did::

 There's something about this that reminds my of my Nana's table.  She was a simple woman who never worried if folks stopped in unexpectedly. there was always enough for however many came to the table.
Whatever happened to folks sending out Christmas cards. I guess emails have taken their place. I love REAL cards and I cherish the ones I have saved. 

I could sit out here on a chilly december afternoon and be a very happy camper. I'd definately need a cup of hot tea and maybe a few cookies..
  Later in the evening after dinner I'd plop myself right down in front of this fireplace and listen to Christmas carols while some sugar cookies baked .

  When I couldnt hold my peepers open any longer I'd crawl into this bed and off to dreamland I'd go, hoping I'd wake up to a soft snowfall when I woke up..

 Be sure to go to Marty's Tabletop Tuesday
 you'll be inspired by all the folks who post on her party and you'll probably find something you might like to do to.
I hope you enjoyed going with me on this red christmas dream...
 I wish you all Sugar plums and sweet dreams..


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Do I love PEARS? and Upcoming Posts

   I want to start this post with some Sincere and Heartfelt  thank you's..
  I want to thank all of you who came to see my painted chairs and left such wonderful and encouraging comments..  This is the sort of experience that makes me Braver and gives me the courage to jump in and try other new things....  I want to thank all my new followers- I am humbled you choose to join me here and I hope to always amuse, inspire and just bring a smile with my posts so you'll be glad you joined..
  I must give a HUGE thank you to Kim of Savvy Southern Style for featuring my post and bringing so many folks to visit me..  Thank you Kim~!
 now I'll get on with our regularly scheduled program.. ~  big smiles ~
Yes I do love Pears..  I am drawn to them in items, photos, art, the produce section of the grocery, the faux fruit isle of any store, in preserves and on my kitchen counter..  I admit it , I have a Pear fetish..  oh my goodness, I feel so much better now that I've admitted that..and Green- can you tell I love green too.
 I actually wasnt aware how much of it I had sitting out in the kitchen.. better go ahead and say BYE to that too.. giggle.  Dang good thing I have a storage room close to the kitchen:) 

 I hope to see ya'll tommorrow night for Marty's Party at A Stroll Thru Life , with a little tea scape..

  I wanted to get a few shots of my pears before it was time to put them away and begin my holiday decor here on Dream Lane.  I am not sad to see them and all my apple green tones go for a while as even I need a break from them..

 I plan to show off my kitchen on this weeks WOW with Kim so come visit me and I'll show ya'll what its like to go from oak to white..
  But for now- lets wave bye bye to my sweet Pears..

off to their container and the storage room they go....

  Thanks so much for visiting me and do come back soon. I love having you in my home, though we are miles apart... 
 See Ya soon .
Love~ Hugs~ and all good things to You an Yours~!