Sunday, August 23, 2015

Colors and Purchases

  I thought I'd show some of the items I bought for my home Last and This year..

 I've had a lot of other things come along to interrupt my decorating:)   like acting as executor for a will--NOT-- a fun experience I can tell ya..  Before I could get that done I landed in the ICU ward at the hospital for almost a week.  
  I am grateful to have those issues behind me and the décor is coming along nicely. 

   Here are the colors I've chosen to use here.
 So far a couple pots of African violets are supplying the purple tones but I plan to add more in napkins -pillows and a throw.
I had to purchase some furniture cause ya'll know how it is--New Place/New Stuff , giggle.
These items all got 4 and 5 star reviews and they are quite accurate.
Its always hard to know if you can trust site reviews , which is why I thought I'd add my own here for ya..
Helps to know a real person has the item and how it functions in everyday use..
I couldn't be happier with the sofa I got from Joss&Main.  Its a bit harder than some folks like but that just got it an extra Star from me as its best for my back . Too soft seats leave me in serious pain..
 The fabric is good quality and its truly White, which was a Must Have for me. The nail head trim was an added bonus for looks purposes:) 
YES--I would most certainly buy it again and its now on sale and still available.
This is the chair my daughter choose for her side of the great room.  It also has a matching ottoman.
 Comfortable and has a high back so she can rest her neck and she's 5'9"... Its usually more difficult to find a chair that suits her needs but this one really fit the bill.. Its a very, very pale beige/more like an Off White.
Its isn't available but you can add" get a notice" and they'll let you know when its back in stock.
My chair and ottoman.. I am in LOVE with it, in every way.. Its also a bit stiff but that suits my sitting needs perfectly. I sprayed it lightly with scotchgaurd and I can wipe anything I spill , right off:)
Yes folks- I am a Spiller~!   :) 

 These are miscellaneous items I'll be using when I decorate for fall this year. As you can tell I'll be sticking with my usual color theme- apple green and white. I have used those colors for 5 years now during the fall season and I'm still loving it.

The wall hanging will go on the wall between the kitchen and great room.

The wreath with hang on the plantation shutters that close off the kitchen from the great room.

 The plantation shutters on the bar area was one of the best ideas in this home. I can see thru when the louvers are open OR close them and totally separate the 2 rooms.
The bowl of hydrangeas and pumpkins will sit on the fireplace mantle with some of my sweater pumpkins and candle lanterns.


as you can see this cabinet got 22 , 5 star reviews on the Wayfair site.. I am here to tell you 5 stars aren't enough ~!
My rating is most defiantly a 10..
Its quality is excellent.. Made of solid wood, its very sturdy. The drawer glides are smooth as buttah:)
The folks at American Woodscrafters may not be the most economical but this piece will LAST and probably survive me and whoever I leave it to in my will , lol..
 This is a REAL piece of furniture and I am in love with it.
Just the right height for comfortable tv viewing and the amount of storage is impressive.
I hope my personal reviews will help those of you who might be looking for new furniture or décor items.. I was NOT compensated in any way whatsoever, these are my TRUE OPINIONS.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Favorite Spot

 Hi Ya'll,

  I know its been awhile and I sure thank you for sticking around during my very long break.

  The estate is settled and I am getting back to normal too:).    I wont bore ya with the gruesome details as I am doing my best to put those issues away and move forward to happier times.

  I have learned some very valuable lessons about Life and that's always a good thing, right?

 Slowly but surely I'm decorating my new home.  I've decided that Cottage Style is what suits my nature best and adds to my feeling calmer and happier. 
  My daughter and other visitors have remarked on how good it FEELS and I agree.. Its pleasant to the eye and has a welcoming, calming feeling that makes me Smile.

  This is my little corner of the great room where I sit in the morning and look out at the pond  We got a bumper crop of geese this year and they are amazing and very funny to watch.
 Its quiet here and I like watching the sun rise and the world begin to wake up...
Birds provide the music and all I have to do it sit still and be grateful for my life and all the blessings in it.
  I wish Ya'll could come here and sit with me.. Oh what a wonderful time we'd have.

  I would have had this post up yesterday but my acer computer and blogger dont seem to get along:(
   Got my toshiba up and running and  NO PROBLEM:)

chest from:: american furniture several years ago
chair- LOVE IT~! from Overstock-Cottage Collection
bunny pillow from Amazon
checked drapes from Amazon- they are actually 120 inch long linen table clothes from Luxury Linens
- if anyone wants some.  They come in the white and sage which is what I have, also red n white/black n white/taupe and white.  They Hang perfectly right out of the package and anytime I dont have to iron is a dang GOOD DAY ~!!!

 Playing over at Cozy Little House with Brenda --    Tweak It Tuesday

A Stroll Thru Life- Marty's party

  Thanks for visiting me.

UPDATE-- Brenda asked if the chair had a matching ottoman, it does.. I couldn't get the link - but its
Overstock-- Living Room Chairs--
 Portfolio Mira Apple Green Modern Floral Arm Chair and Ottoman
it says apple green but its closer to a muted sage tone...