Sunday, October 30, 2016

Holiday Cookie Recipes

  Its never too early to start looking for new Holiday Cookie recipes.

I participate in 5 different exchanges, so I need to find the best ones I can to wow the folks
I'll be giving them too..    This will be my second year and I'm really looking forward to it.

 The baking party at my house includes 4 other people so  Let the Flour Fly , is our party motto.
 Oh Baby, do these look Yummy.

                                                           Holiday Cookie Recipes

  Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you find a few recipes you enjoy..

 blessings and smiles

Monday, October 17, 2016

Lola Lacey LaRue' our Maltipoo

 Hi there.

   Its been a busy year for me as I'm sure its been for many of you.

   We lost our precious Buffy St. Marie to cancer and it was heartbreaking.   She's been with us 15 years and her loss left an empty place in our hearts and our home.  I know many of you have also faced this heartbreak so no words can truly express it.

   We still have Greta and Nadia, now 11 years old and thank goodness  happy and healthy, yet, an energy was missing and so we decided since I am home so much, what better place to add a new life to ours..

  I'll let Lola tell you about herself...

  Hi~!  I am a 9 weeks old Maltipoo.  I am already trained to my papers , cause I'm smart like that:-)

  I like my new sister and love my Mom. I sleep right under her desk on my blankie with a couple of toys. My favorite is a little grey elephant and I drag it around all over the house..
  I am loved and cherished..  Life is sweet ~!   I'll be having more photos made and Mom will post them here as I grow..    Maybe I can sneak into a few of the fall decor photos Mom plans to post.
 Thanks for stopping in to meet me. See you again soon..



Friday, January 8, 2016

Winter Wreath Love-which would you choose?

   Since the weather has turned cold here in NC, its put my mind towards a winter wreath for the front door.

   My door is black with pewter hardware , so its rather subtle:)  I feel like I need a little Zing to perk it up..

   I looked at many wreaths for inspiration and these are the ones I choose .  Now of course I'll use different elements and bow colors as it isn't nice to be a total copy cat...

   I'll show ya the door first and then the wreaths I like... I'd love it if in your comment, your say which one you'd choose..

  Next week, I'll show the one I made and let ya know how many votes folks gave to each choice..

here we go...................

now , pretty please, help me decide which wreath would look best..
thanks in advance

see what I mean about rather indented and sorta plain?   so needless to say I need something that will really POP and show up..

   Happy Friday and Have a great weekend...
 I'll be back by tuesday to show my rendition..

 as always thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment..  they make me SMILE

Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year- New Rental Home

 Happy 2016 Everyone.

 May we all be blessed with good health, joy and PEACE~!

 All my holiday company has gone home.  We had a wonderful time and I am grateful to have been able to spend time with these folks as many of them are getting up in age.

  The decorations are all down and stored away for next year. The house is clean and I'm working on my winter decor.

  I bought a new rental property in early november.  I had it painted throughout and professionally cleaned during december and it goes up for rent the 5th of January.. As with the other 2 I have, this one is listed through a management company so I dont get any phone calls- they do lol.
Great room with gas fireplace, dining area, kitchen with attached laundry section and storage pantry, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths , den/office, nice wooded surroundings, giant size fenced area for dogs to play, seperate fenced in playground and pool..I'd live in it if I didn't already have a place:-)

so on to the fun part-- Photos:-)
 I labeled the rooms so I wont get too wordy about them:)

 I had several gallons of paint left over from other projects so I had the painted use them in this home.

  The management company is going over the 5 applicants and one will be chosen tommorrow.
 They've done well as to who they've chosen for the other 2 homes so I'll leave it in their capable hands..
  I have my eye on 3 other properties but I wont rush into anything till maybe early april.  Then I think 4 will be my limit.  One of them is a foreclosure and dealing with banks and how slowly they move on such things is nerve wreaking lol...  But it does have a major advantage,, PRICE..
 I'd like to have one thats only a 1 or 2 bedroom and advertise it for seniors only.  But , we shall see.

  thanks so looking and as always your comments are sincerely appreciated.

Happy 2016 to us ALL~!