Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elements of a Kitchen I Love

 I rarely get to participate in Kim's Wow Us Wednesday Party, so when I saw this kitchen I just had to post it.

Again its compliments of BHG's email I got this morning.
  Now, I love my own kitchen- adore it even, BUT, there are some elements here I wish I had done in my own remodel .   If you are thinking of redoing your own kitchen, you may find some of these idea helpful.

to see all the folks who posted their pretties at Kim's party
  I dont have a window in my kitchen, though there is a 6 foot patio door close by for extra light. Still, I love the look and all the decorative things you can do when you have a window over your sink or at least near it.

I just love all this light and brightness..The cornice over the sink is so pretty that no window treatments are required. But I would have used some anyway:)
Why Why Why did I do my bar area like this- why lol.. if I ever get a chance to redo it, I will.

I've been trying to figure out a way to make a micro/coffee station like this since I saw it at 8am this morning. As yet, I havent found a spot I can use but you better believe I'll keep configuring till I do.. Now that I've seen it, its become a must have for me. MUST:)
  These are pretty light fixtures and they suit this sort of kitchen very well.  I know they'll appeal to a lot of you so I couldnt leave them out of this post.    I can see these pendants going right along with the Beachy theme folks are into now.

Is it just me or does white subway tile go with almost every style of kitchen.  I may just have to install some in my own kitchen next spring.  So clean and stylish.
 Now mind you this is just decorative but gosh, what a WOW factor is gives this corner. Again, why didnt I think of this.. oh well, I still love looking at these photos and one never know what changes life will bring and this opportunities to redo another kitchen. 
  Did you find anything you like?  Anything you might want to add to your kitchen?  I hope you enjoyed dreaming along with me..    as always,  thanks for visiting.