Friday, November 30, 2012

Sneaky Peeky Treat for Ya~!

 I cant believe how many folks said what tease I was for sneak peek no. 1 :-).... So on that note, I thought I'd be sweet and bring ya'll a Sneaky Peeky Treat...
 There's iced tea- hot chocolate or coffee with 9 different flavors of cream for those of you who do not Imbibe ...
    Now please notice the bottle is full.. as Sheriff Andy Taylor would say " I've not had nary sip of it, not nary one"     hehehehe
  I think some of ya know I live about 19 miles from Mount Airy , which was Mayberry in the tv show. I do have to pass by Pilot Mountain,  or as they said Mount Pilot to get there..  A friend of mine has a Holiday display in a local shop in the downtown area and I just have to go see what she's created this year..
 Her craft style is quite rustic and doesnt really work in my home but I love looking at it anyway and I still have some extended family in that area so I'll stop in for a few quick visits..

  We are all so stressed and busy so I thought I would leave you this lil treat..  Now go easy, this stuff is rather Potent- heck its REAL POTENT..  I found this reindeer at goodwill and just could'nt pass him up..
His antlers are a bit askew, but heck so are Mine lol lol

  Enjoy in Moderation...thank you, The Management :-)
luv ya bunches
ya'll come back to see us, Ya Hear~!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Sneak Peek

 I wanted to show ya'll a little sneak peek of whats going on with our Holiday Decor for 2012.

  I still have lots to do but it all seems so much easier once I choose a color and theme for the year.

We'll have lots of aqua, silver, and Grey.. yes Grey :)    I've made some of the ornaments and tweaked others I found on sale - at thrift stores or goodwill.  I have to admit I've had a lot of fun making my snow balls:: showed ya'll those last week-   more sweater balls , like I made for 2010, as well as faux mixed with real mercury glass.   For me this is just more interesting than going to stores and buying whats on the shelves and I am blessed with extra time to be able to do this.  Back when life was more hectic, store bought was my only choice..
::: just google- faux Mercury glass and dozens of great tutorials will come up for you:::

 so here's a tiny sneak peek of what you'll be seeing in my holiday posts this year...
 WOW Party @ Savvy Southern Style
 party starts around 8 pm..   see ya there ~!

 thanks so much for stopping by.   I love and appreciate your comments ..
see ya soon.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Tabletop ~Past

I wanted to Party with Marty over at A Stroll Thru Life

Ya'll make sure to go visit her and see all the great posts others have made.  Lots of fun and inspiration for ya.

 I dug up a couple photos of Tabletops I had done in Christmas Past. 
  Just so ya know, there'll be no red this year :)

I hope ya enjoy going on this trip down memory lane with me.

 Thanks so much for visiting me. I always like having you here.
 Grab a cookie ~!

Christmas Past in Music

 Good Morning Folks

 I've been holiday decorating for a few days off and on , so I thought while I took a break I'd show a little Christmas Past of my music theme in 2010, or was it 2009, I forget, lol..  We really enjoyed this white and shades of brown , though I havent done it again.. I have it all saved in containers for Someday.  :-)

  I have so many newer followers so I wanted to share a bit of it before I started this years Holiday posts.

 I hope you enjoy it..
Happy Monday.. 
Wishing you a wonderful day.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Winner of the Holiday Header

  I'm sorry to be late this evening.
 I  do things the old fashioned way , so I had to write down all the names on slips of paper and get my neighbor to pull a slip out of the bag.....
   Thanks so much to all who entered.. I appreciate your participation.
 so without further ado:)   drum roll please.............
Our winner is Maria Elena of Our Home Away From Home...
I'll send you an email Maria  in case you dont see this announcment..

 thanks again ~!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sonny's Snowy Balls

  Yes thats right, these are Sonny's Snowy Balls , giggle.

 Its 39 degress here in NC but the likelihood of having snow is sorta slim, now or at Christmas, so I thought I'd do what my Motto says and make a dream come true, one design at a time.

I found some clear glass balls on sale and considered using script paper in them but then I thought, no I want a winter wonder land this year and the only way to have that is to make my own..

  Last year I showed off my Santa in the Snow- which was actually powdered milk, since the epson salts I KNEW I had was missing about the time I was ready to put my display together.. Isnt that always the way it happens?   around here, yep..
 In case any of ya'll were'nt visiting then, here he is..  yes, thats powered milk on the tray and trees.
As it seems to happen with me, again I was ready to work on some holiday decor for my tree. I am trying to get ready, so when my relatives from Italy arrive on the 28th of november, the house is all decorated and I can just enjoy visiting with them.. So I start to make my "snowy balls"..  
Clear glass balls -- check
Silver balls from the dollar store--Check
elmers glue /half n half with water--check
old brush with frayed bristles--check
pan made of used and washed , then carefully folded tin foil--check
powdered milk---- ahhhh, NOOO
deep sigh, its tough not being fully prepared when one sits down among all their, oh so professional tools, to get crafting.`~!

   it would mean getting dressed . make up, hair fixed and I mean seriously, who doesnt wear their crafting clothes for such a project, otherwise known as footie jammies..  These are my lucky Crafting Footie Jammies, I MUST wear these if a project is going to turn out right.. Ya'll have a pair of these, right?
  umm if I put on some cute boots can I just go to the store without changing?  
 OK the answer is no and that means I'd have to get dressed..  so putting on my special Sonny Skull for Thinking Cap, I decided to scour the house for something else that could possible pass as SNOW..

 Idea no. 1-- I have corn flakes- could crush those and try to spray paint them white..  did Ya'll know if you try to spray paint crumbled corn flakes they fly into the air and land all over every dang thing?  well. leemme tell ya,  THEY DO..
::  warning ::  dont try to comb the still wet with spray paint corn flakes out of your hair::  just a little tip I learned during this project..  :):)

Idea no. 2--  comet cleanser?  its powdery, its white, it STINKS  --so noooooooo again.

Idea no. 3-- Splenda?   oh mercy that'll cost a fortune and probably be attractive to bugs and I am phobic about bugs..

 Lets check the daughters room... awww  there's a basket of bath stuff someone gave her last year for her birthday.....  Do I spy Lavendar Bath salts- YES I do.. yeaaaaaaaaaaa
 I can see its the right color and texture- I zip open the bag and the scent almost knocks me and the bath salts in the floor..    I decide to use it.  It works and the house actually has nice lavendar scent which fortunately doesnt last long.. good thing cause I am using fresh pine scent candles this year..

    Hung a few on the tree just to make sure they look like I wanted them too and yes indeedy, they do..
thanks so much for stopping by and reading the Saga of Sonny's Snowy Balls..

PS~~~   PLEASE  click on the lil Elf pic at the top of this page on my sidebar,, and visit Decor to Adore, to see her very special Elves for CeeKay..   CK is ill and needs our LOVE and our HELP.. You'll read all about that on Laura's blog.   I know blogland is full of kind folks who are willing to step up and show a fellow blogger some Love and help make their dream come true.    thanks so much I know she'll appreciate it and that it will make her heart Smile.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cornbread Stuffing with Sausage

Hi Folks..  I hope this post finds you happy and healthy..
 This recipe is courtesy of Country Living as is the sample photo.  It looked so yummy I just had to share..

I know everyone will be cooking for the holidays soon and you might want to give this a try..

tutorials-tips-and-tidbits at Stonegable

Please stop by my giveaway post and take a peek.  I'm looking forward to making it for whoever wins.


  See ya'll again soon.
hugs and all good things to ya~!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Holiday Header GIVEAWAY

   I appreciate your patience with me the last few days...   Things seem to be getting back to normal.
After more thought,   talks with family and friends, I have decided NOT to open an internet business at this time and perhaps never lol...

   This is where I come to Enjoy my spare time, to take breaks in between my real life work,  to visit and comment and catch up with what my Pals are doing.
 I do want to thank all those who left such kind and supportive comments and who sent emails.
Luv Ya'll Bunches
 so now,  SEE the Header above, my new holiday decor~!

By way of thanking all my old and new followers as well as those who will become followers, I am offering a  Holiday header.   I will use a photo of your  choice and the colors and font can be chosen by the winner-the style  will remain like mine  but everything else can be changed and custom designed for the Winner.
 I will be happy to give instructions to the winner for adding it to their blog, though most know how to do this, its better to know help is available:-)  Trust me-its Easy Peasy

 I do ask that you be a Follower of my blog in order to be entered.  That's all ya have to do:) well of course you have to comment  lol..
  also  if any of you bloggers would like to add a link to this post on your blog- I would appreciate it.

 The winner will be announced  Saturday the  17th of November..   That gives folks 1 whole week to sign up..
Happy Day to each and every One of Ya~!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Announcement - Blog Break

I'm so sorry to have to tell ya'll I'll be unable to open my blog header site tommorrow.   Due to some family issues my time in the next week or more will be focused here.
   This is odd  since I have never cancelled anything before here in blogland but this cant be helped.

 I'll be back as soon as I can and there will be a Giveaway at that time.

Thank you for understanding.  I appreciate your patience.

Life happens and in those moments we must do what needs to be done.

thank you and big hugs to all~!

!!!~~  I have turned off my comments as I wont be able to answer you in a timely manner.~~!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thanksgiving Inspiration for You

We always have Thanksgiving at a local place nearby where we are able to sit together at a table for 16.
  During the holiday season we do have smaller gatherings here in our home, so I always gather table inspirations.
all photos courtesy of Martha
 Since Barb was having a party I thought I'd post and share them with Ya'll..
 I really like this table with fruit and cheese.  Add some crackers and sparkly wine and Viola:)  
 I also think the addition of a non traditional color used adds to the great appearance .
  Easy to embellish candles.. So many of the store have leaves made from many different materials to use.
 This table setting is simple and elegant and such a feast for the eyes.. 
 This would be my choice becuase I love the grapes combines with the hershey chocolate colored candles.
  If anyone has any left over tiny pumpkins, this would be a great use for them..  so sweet and welcoming for the family and folks who may be joining you.
please go visit Barb and the other great bloggers participating in this party and as always, thank you so much for visiting me.
 Marty ~Table Top Tuesday Party

Barb~Everyday Home~Thanksgiving Inspiration party

hugs and blessings
ps~ at the top of the page in my sidebar I have added a clickable photo link to my new blog accessories page ..  we'll be opening  on nov. 7th and would love to have you stop by and see what we have to offer.