Friday, November 4, 2011

I bought Lampshades too:)

 So far I have seen Debbie at DebbieDoos  and Kathy at Creative Home Expressions posted about their walmart - document style lampshades.
I got 3 a couple weeks ago and 4 more this week. I always buy a few more than I need because every time I get something  at least one of my gal pals wants one too..  Hot little sellers, they are:)  Mine was $9.95   .. Kathy got her's cheaper.
So far I think I'm the only one who's gotten the drum style..
Lovin' the change~!
heres a before and after together...
the shade was covering the top half of the lamp- what was I thinkin':) hmmmm

I also took an old lamp and wrapped some twine on it for a new look.  I had put scrap book paper on sections of it last year and topped it with a shade that was too big..  oh well, its fixed now...

If ya'll want any of these lampshades ya better get out there and grab them. They are going fast~!

Have a great weekend.. I'm painting my dining chairs and bottom of the table.
Love and Hugs and All Good Things