Thursday, September 25, 2014

Choosing My Cool Weather Fabrics

  Howdy Folks.

 We had another cool and rainy day here in NC. I'm not complaining cause I've wished for cooler temps and here they are. Makes it feel much more like fall when it isn't 90 outside.

  It took me awhile but I believe I've finally found the fabrics for the Great room.
 This open concept home allows many areas to be seen at the same time and with that in mind fabrics need to flow gently from one to the other so my eyes don't go wonky as I look around.

  Below are some of the fabrics I choose and their intended use, though that's always subject to change, kinda like my mind:-)

  I have a few surprise fabrics that you'll see when I show off this space.
 As many of you know I have 3 little Pom Girls and I decided its time for them to have their own decorated areas.  I laid out fabrics on the floor and let them walk around and sniff them.  2 finally made a choice and took a nap on their choice and Miss 3 get's the other cause that's what she gets for being so indecisive .

   I think I bought enough to have some leftovers from each fabric and I'll make each of us a lap quilt.

 I hear ya'll whispering- Hush Sonny and show us the dang fabric... ok ok

                                                                     Drapery choice

ottoman covers and table runners

dining chair seat

another pillow choice

There's a grey on white polka pot that I did'nt get a photo of and also a pale grey on white chevron.
I want pillows in the dining chairs and I have a 30x36 area to cover in the kitchen cabinet where I removed the doors for display shelves.
 Please wish me luck with all this sewing.. I'm gonna need it .  

Thanks for visiting me.  Its always a joy to have ya here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Give a Magical Gift and Kitchen update

Hi There..

  Kitchen Paint is still drying and I have'nt gotten to the store for knobs so no reveal today.
I'll get it all done and be ready for next Tuesdays Parties- which of course start on monday and that means I actually have to finish the kitchen by saturday night so I can take pics on sunday so I can choose the best ones, write up my TRUE experience with this...  ugg, maybe I better get is ready by friday night cause  OMG , have I got a story for ya'll ~!  its a doozy.

Did you know that giving a gift that contains someone’s birthstone is believed to bring the wearer great fortune and luck? Tradition tells that gifting a birthstone will bestow almost magical opportunities and abilities. 
   I mean as long as you plan to give someone a gift anyway, why not make it Magical~!
  Something that would improve their life every single day.
 If anyone asks and they always do :-)  I think I'll ask for something that has my birthstone on it.

   I'm a december baby so I'll be sure to ask for the apple green stone but I'll take any of the 3 ..
heres a site to tell you even more about your birthstone. I need to go back and read it myself.
 If theres Magic out there for me , I want to know it.

Your Birthstone and its Meaning


January Birthstone is GarnetJANUARY BIRTHSTONE

January Birthstone is Garnet, its color is usual Red, but it could be also green, blue, brown and even yellow. Garnet, among of all birthstones, fits to all ancient sources (such as Jews, Romans, Arabian, Poles, Russian and Italian) as a birthstone for January.

February Birthstone is AmethystFEBRUARY BIRTHSTONE

February Birthstone is Amethyst, its color is Purple or Violet. Amethyst is considered the best amulet to fight addictions, therefore, Amethyst is a stone of health from the ancient times. Amethyst, among of all birthstones, is often common in ancient Greek mythology.

March Birthstones: Aquamarine & BloodstoneMARCH BIRTHSTONES

March birthstone is Aquamarine, its transparent gem with greenish-blue tint, but often pale-blue. The varieties of this birthstone are divided as follows: Aquamarine, pure pale sky blue; Siberian aquamarine, pale greenish yellow; aquamarine chrysolite, greenish yellow with vivid luster. The best beryls come from Siberia, Brazil, Scotland and France.
Bloodstone or Heliotrope is an alternative Birthstone for March. It’s name comes to us from the Greek «Heliotropus», which means «The Sun» and «Turning» or the «Sunrise». Among all the birthstones, Bloodstone the only have «sanguine specks» in its body. It is mined in Africa, Germany, Cyprus and Czech Republic.

April Birthstone is DiamondAPRIL BIRTHSTONE

April Birthstone is Diamond. The diamond cutters of India call a rough diamond «Labora», because its beauty can’t be developed except by skillful and patient work. The art of cutting a diamond was not brought into Europe from the East until 1295.
April Birthstone has index 10/10 by Mohs Scale of Hardness, so Diamond is the hardest among all of birthstones. Diamonds occur in nearly all colors, the three shades most in demand being blue white, steel white, and pure white.

May Birthstone is EmeraldMAY BIRTHSTONE

May Birthstone is Emerald and its color is Green. The bulk of an emerald is large in proportion to its weight, one of equal weight with a sapphire, for instance, being nearly twice as large. A rich, soft, deep, velvety shade of green is the color demanded for a perfect emerald, but the birthstone occurs in every tint from a greenish blue to a pinkish brown.

June Birthstones: Alexandrite, Pearls & MoonstoneJUNE BIRTHSTONES

June Birthstone is Alexandrite. Its color could be dark blue-green, blue-green, dark grass-green, olive green in daylight and its color could be pink-magenta, red-purple, purple in the evening light. The name of this gem comes to us from Russia, in the honor of Alexander (Tsar). Alexandrite is the rarest of all birthstones.
Alternative birthstone for June is Pearls. The pearls is only one gem from our birthstones chart that comes to us from the deep sea. The history of Pearls is count many centuries. Among all of the birthstones, the Pearls is not «a stone» in the literal sense of the word. It stands between mineral and organic matter.
The Moonstone is an another birthstone for June, according to U.S. tradition since 1912. It has its name because of its unique cloudy transparency (among all of the birthstones), that seems like a moon shine in the night sky.

July Birthstone is RubyJULY BIRTHSTONE

July Birthstone is Ruby and its color is Red. The color of a perfect ruby matches exactly in shade the blood of a freshly killed pigeon, and its purity is often tested by placing it beside a drop of pigeon’s blood. It owes its color to the fact that one-sixth part of its chemical constitution is chromic acid. The ruby stands among birthstones next in rank to the diamond, and often, when of the same size and perfect in every respect, exceeds it in price.

August Birthstone is PeridotAUGUST BIRTHSTONE

August Birthstone is Peridot, its color is pale-green. The best and most perfect crystals of Peridot come from Egypt, Vatolia and Brazil. The birthstone is olive green in color and has vitreous luster. The dark colored birthstones are the favorites, as they are capable of receiving a high polish. They are cut in rose or brilliant form generally. Louis XIII brought them into fashion in France and they are favorite jewels yet in Paris.

September Birthstone is SapphireSEPTEMBER BIRTHSTONE

September Birthstone is Sapphire, its color is Deep-Blue. Sapphires come from Ceylon almost exclusively. They are found in other parts of the world, but never in sufficient quantity or perfection to form a market for their sale. The value of a sapphire does not increase in proportion to size as enormously as the ruby.
In trade it is known by four names: The male sapphire, which is the perfect stone of a rich, clear, soft blue shade; the female sapphire, whose color is specked with white; the very pale blue birthstones called a water sapphires; and the cat sapphire, which is of a blackish or greenish blue tint and not often transparent.

October Birthstones: Opal & TourmalineOCTOBER BIRTHSTONES

October Birthstone is Opal and it is multi colored gem. The Precious Opal, as the birthstone is named that is used for jewels, is found in Hungary, Faroe Islands, Saxony and South America. It is cut in a semi-circle, lens, or oval shape, very rarely with facets. Among all the birthstones, Opal can demonstrate all the shades of any colors except of black.
Alternative birthstone for October is Tourmaline. Tourmaline is a beautiful oriental gem, discovered in India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka). This birthstone also as his «brother» Opal, has variety of colors. It could be almost any color, including black (which name is Schorl), except white, but it could be transparent. There are also such interesting varieties of this birthstone as Paraiba Tourmaline, Rainbow Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline & Blue Cap Tourmaline.

November Birthstones: Topaz & CitrineNOVEMBER BIRTHSTONES

November Birthstone is Topaz. The topaz has, when perfect, a beautiful clear wine yellow. It is generally cut as a brilliant and is used for all kinds of jewelry. It is found in almost every part of the world. In the «French Imperial Bibliotheque» are several engraved topazes, and a very large and beautiful one is in the Vatican, cut with an Indian Bacchus. Its name means «the search» from the Greek «topazos».
Alternative birthstone for November is Citrine. Citrine is a Yellow variety of Quartz. Its name comes to us from the latin word «Citrus». It also called «False Topaz» or «Brazilian Topaz», because of its similarity with its «brother birthstone». This gems is very popular in modern jewelry for its gold color.

December Birthstones: Turquoise, Tanzanite & ZirconDECEMBER BIRTHSTONES

December birthstone is Turquoise. Ancients called it the «Turkey Stone». Turquoise is the only opaque gem from our birthstones chart. Ancient called the color of Turquoise as a «sky color free from all clouds». But the color of Turquoise can also be sky-blue, greenish-blue and also apple-green.
Alternative birthstone for December is Tanzanite. Tanzanite is very young gem in birthstone jewelry, it was discovered in 1967 in Masai tribe in Africa at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. One of the warriors of the Masai tribe brought Tanzanite, weighing 10 carats in the office of Manuel De DouĊĦa. Its color form Sapphire-Blue to the Amethyst-Violet.
Another alternative December Birthstone is Zircon. Zircon is used for imitation of many gems of highest category. It was little known until the IV Century A.D., before it was described by Bishop Epiphanius.

 Happy Tuesday and thanks for visiting.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kitchen Cabinets ARE Being Painted

  After a long and frustrating wait,  the kitchen cabinets are at last being painted..

     I decided to go with navaho white and they added a smidge of black to make a very subtle grey undertone which no one else in the world will notice but me , lol..

    Most of you know how this process works so I wont go into the details.
 Clean- sand-prime-paint-wait-paint coat2-wait-topcoat-wait add knobs and pulls.

   We are at stage 4 on the above list, which means it looks like a big ole mess...
  Having been thru this process twice before in other homes I know not to panic because
the end result will bring me Joy.. A beautiful bright white cheerful kitchen at which I will
smile every time I look at it..
  This has been the main thing I missed from my former home and I admit, my heart cant get into this one till this task is done.
  Was it an ugly kitchen- NO.    Over sized upper cabs and all in a medium hickory tone.  or folks who love wood it would have been wonderful but for me.. not so much.
  This one area has actually held me mentally captive concerning decorating the rest of the house.

  I have a feeling when its done my mind with click into gear and I'll be able to decorate which will finally make it feel like home...

  I really wanted to recommend the painter to other folks in my area- but the jury is still out on that so I'll wait and give my review when I post the finished and decorated reveal.
  I like to help local workers in my area, if I can,BUT I have to be honest about the entire process so folks who might hire them will know Honestly what to expect.

 so here are some before and during photos.

 I'll go to lowes and pick out my new knobs and pulls tommorrow..

  I'll do a reveal next tuesday so watch for it at some of your favorite meme parties..

  and miles to go before I SMILE:-)

Ya'll come back to see me, ya hear..  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cocoa Crumbalicios Cookies

Hello There,
 Waving" Hi "from beautiful NC..   I woke up this morning to 62 degrees~!  yes indeedy, you read that right-- 62  wooooooohooooo dang degrees.   Doing a mega Happy Dance here.
 I opened the window and the backdoor to let in as much fresh air as I could..

 Then an hour later I heard the mowers start up and the scent of fresh mown grass wafted thru the house..   If I smiled any wider the sides of my mouth would be touching my ear lobes.  now there's a visual for Ya ..

  yea, I know ya'll have read and read and read about a painter coming here to turn my kitchen white...
  So I am absolutely not gonna say a word about his possible arrival in the morning about 9:30.. Nope ain't gonna say nuffin about it....
 Special Announcement for a Special Few.....
and yes there were only a few ,so this portion of the post is for them only.
::: ::::  for those of ya'll who have wondered,,
if the meds are effecting my spelling or my typing- the answer is an absolute emphatic HELL NOOOO  they arent..   geez what happened to NO STIGMA towards people who were trying to get help for their illness, just as one would for diabeties- cancer- arthritis or any other disease?????  So if you were one who came here and smiled and left an ever so sweet comment just to rush off as soon as you could to whisper about me and basically stab me in the back - then PLEASE just remove yourself from my followers,  as I do not wish to offend you with my spelling, my typo's or any mention of my illness and the wellness I am seeking. thank you, The Management- no responce required.~!!!!

::: I type like I talk and my misspellings add extra fun to the reading of my posts, because  my visiters also get to play the now famous Mystery Game-- What Was She Saying?
I could have sold my game for $29.95 a click, but NOPE I let all my blog visiters play for free cause I'm just generous like that...  
 That concluded this rant- again only to the special few to whom it pertains..

 This has been a favorite cookie recipe of mine since childhood.

     It's just plain yummy and  melts in your mouth, super easy to make and its CHOCOLATE.

    Kids love to help making these and they love eating them too.

 Just a little warning though,too many may cause a tummy ache.


Come back and see me sometime..