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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Color Choices

  Hi Ya'll..

  I'm still here:)   wow its been awhile and I want to thank you all for not unfollowing me.. That was mighty sweet of ya..:)    Lots of stuff has been going on since the end of January and not much of it was Decor..
 My favorite carpenter Paul is finally back in NC.. He had to leave for 2 months and tend to fixing and selling his mother in law's home in California.  What he thought might take 3 weeks took a lot longer but thats how it is with remodeling. You never know what you'll run into.    Now that he's back , I have a full page list of things I want him to do.

  This little break I took actually gave me plenty of time to sit and look at my kitchen cabinets..    Glad I lived with them a few months and didnt jump right into painting them.
  However the browny tone Hickory color just isnt working for me..  Its time to PAINT~ !

  I showed ya'll the kithen back in late jan..  but I'll add a pic of it here to refresh your memory.  granite counters in  brownish greys combo-- neutral enough to go with anything..  Tile backsplash-- its beigy grey.. all stainless appliances and hickory hardwood floors/darker than cabinets..    Basically a blank pallet.
I got a sample pic of one door , took it to my art program and colored them as
 I am hoping you'll help me with this.. 
I'll be using kilz and Valspar satin.. I have my own tints so if they end up glazed I'll take over from Paul at that point..  all he has to do is the tough part  giggle.  sand prime and paint.  easy peasy, right? 

 so here are the samples.  If you comment and I hope you will- Please state your color choice and why ya choose it..  Thankies:)
Weathered Grey---original Hickory tone---Navaho White

Palest Sage---Teal Blue--Antique White/pale grey glaze

  Should I say which one The Daughter choose lol..  dont be influenced by her please. Antique white-- she is rather conservative.

  What I do, can be undone or redone, so dont let that effect your choice either..
the interior decor has a blend of all these colors- so NONE would be a wrong choice-except for the hickory lol.

   Thanks again for not giving up on me and for your very valued opinion..  Means a lot to me..
  Big Southern Hugs to ALL of YA  ~!!!

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Making Choices

   Hi Folks,,

 I know its been awhile but moving after 15 years and downsizing a little has taken more time, thought and decision making than I anticipated.

  Before I show the new items I've chosen , I would like to thank those of you who wrote and asked about how I was doing.. 
As many of you know depression and anxiety is difficult to treat, several medications usually have to be tried in different dose levels before arriving at the proper med in the proper dose....  Then MOVING and the stress it causes all by itself came along and sent me into a bit of a spin.  But I feel leveled out now and realize I'll have my better and not so better days or hours.   I feel very blessed to be one of the people who has responded to meds and therapy , as many with my same illness die of it and are never able to find Contentment or Happiness, again..  I pray for them daily now, since I am aware of the pain they are in..
  Its like the saying goes- you have to walk in those Mocassins to understand.
    The move went well and quickly.   My prior home is leased out now and that makes life in my new home even better.   Knowing she is in appreciative loving hands brings a smile to my face.
  I have absolutely made the choice that I WONT buy anything I dont truly LOVE.
 so now on to the fun stuff,  "a few" of the furniture choices- so far anyway.. More to come over the next week or so and a few I may need your opinions on too, so dont change that dial lol.

::::: These are all internet photos- so they look way different in color due to each sites lighting and photo skills lol.
 its all white , sand or grey beige...  Of course when photographed in my home they will look different then too...:::::

 The liiving room area is 25x19 ..  I think thats right:) close anyway.

PB Pierce sofa-- delivery due date-- 1/27/2014
  This was my favorite because I CANT tolerate sofa's with skirts lol.  I also cant struggle with slipcovers.   I plan to spray it with scotchgard and hope for the best..
  Can ya  go wrong with a white sofa?  Maybe, Maybe not- we shall see.
   2 channel back chairs, Christopher Knight collection.  They are very well made and quite comfortable. Do ya'll remember Chris from the Brady bunch?   Cant believe he's over 50 now- wow, where does the time go.
 its a grey beige tone- very neutral.
1 chair and ottoman  Portfolio Mira- it got super good reviews so I'll give it a try and i its not right, back it goes.
  Guest room bed and nitestands::
  Thats all for now...   I'll be back with more kitchen dining things in a few days..

Thanks for visiting and I appreciate so many of you sticking with me during my silent time..
Big Southern Hugs

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Home Sneak Peek 2 inside

 Hi There ~!
  I should have posted this last week but I've been busy Purging and Packing.  Even though I have cleaned out before I seem to have items that give birth to other items when I'm not looking..  giggle:)

     Three loads to the dump.    Nine loads to donation.   21 posts on Freecycle for folks to come and get stuff..

 I have one more room to purge/ the pantry/ oui vey  ..   I better get it done cause the movers will be here saturday morning at 8 am..   Not sure how time slipped away from me but I have 48 hours to catch up with it.

  enough yapping from me... on with the pictures which I will try to describe as best I can since its empty..

 For those who didnt see sneak peek 1:)
  1697 sq. ft..  3 bedroom, 2 full baths, 2 car garage, bonus room, great room, privacy area, screened in porch, gas fireplace,  granite countertops, tumbled marble backsplash, stainless steel appliances, Cathedral and 9 t ceilings, hardwood , tile and carpet, security and sprinkler system, gated commmunity.
 That sounds like a real estate ad, lol..  
  Bedroom 1 -  has its own full bath, walk in closet.  Flooring will be changed to hardwood.
Bedroom 2- large closet for storage .. I'll make this my office and craft room... Flooring will be changed to hardwood.
Staircase to bonus room 18 x 30..   also door at top of stairs leads to a floored attic... I can even stand up straight in there.  Not sure after all this purging how much will ever get Stored, except for 8 containers of Christmas decor and the tree..  But its there and believe me I am going to do my best NOT to fill it up.  I never want to go thru this purging thing again... of course I forgot to take a picture while I was up there ... sheesh

great room  from the patio door side.. The light fixture is coming down.. I'll be using the area you see at the right of the photo for our banquette, which wont get built in till january..  
 I have a Favorite carpenter, so special built in areas will have to wait till he's available.
Waiting isn't easy for me but I know if he does it, things will be right the first time..
 He'll also do extra molding and add shelves to the niche .
Great room from the opposite direction... the room itself is 23x17

Yes those are Hickory cabinets you see in the kitchen.. Crappy photo I took- sorry.
  I'll leave them for awhile and see how I feel about it but I am fairly certain by spring, they'll be white...
Master Bath 1
Bath 2
Master Bedroom with walk in closet. I'm keeping my carpet...:)
Screened in porch 12x 12 and privacy area..  I was so glad this was already poured in concrete.I dont want any yard to deal with at all. I'll have some flowers where the pine needles are but thats it.
  I'll put my plants and ornamental trees in large pots . My own private wooded area lol..
This will be the place me and my pom girls spend a lot of our time.
I had a cable connection added inside the screened porch for tv and internet.. 
 I also ordered bamboo blinds in case I need some shade out there.
 I am looking forward to sitting here this coming spring and listening to the rain while being sheltered from it.
 Thats it for now and maybe for a couple weeks.  In case I dont get to visit ya'll much, have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.. I am wishing it for you.

  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my newest adventure... I do appreciate each and every one of YOU..

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 Big Southern Hugs