Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Table Top Darkened and Decorated for Fall

Hi Folks..
  I hope this post finds everyone healthy , happy and enjoying early fall.. We here in NC are still having to pretend its fall because the days are in the 90's and the nights in the 70's.. My knock out roses are blooming and growing and I go out on the patio and look at them each morning in absolute amazement..  I just shake my head and try to remember how good this weather must feel to those who are homeless and have to be outside with very little shelter.. Theres always a silver lining to things and I'm trying to remember that..
I posted about buying a farm style table for my dining room and feeling the top needed to be darker as the natural tone simply didnt work for me or the rest of my decor..
I'm partying with Susan at ::thanks so much for hosting this for us Susan.
heres the photo to remind you of the natural tone top.. did I mention I got this for 25.00 on craigslist.. I had found one online for 299.00 and 2 days later this one popped up on CL.. needless to say I took the bargain:)

So out to the garage it went and the sanding began. First with 80 grit , as it had a heavy poly coat on it, then with 120 grit to smooth it.. Then 2 coats of pecan stain and 3 coats of poly and 4 days to dry..
  I decided to do this tablle in traditional fall tones which I have to admit arent easy for me .. I tend to prefer the muted greens , creams and deep beiges..  I did my best with the fall items I had in my container..

I think it looks much better with the darker top, dont you??
 Placemats and napkins are from homegoods- sale price 9.99
I also added traditional tones to my tiny side table.. I'd love a corner hutch there but as yet havent come across one.
If you look back 2 weeks you'll also see that I changed out the wall decor from the white mirror and summer plates to a fall scene and pinecone wreath.. I only have the one wall in the breakfast area so I have to make the most of it :)

Now to quote Paul Harvey , here's " The Rest of the Story"   .. After looking at this for several days, I'm just not happy with it.  I'm so glad I made a $25.00 mistake, versus a 300.00 mistake and even better than that.. Another silver lining:)  My neighbor loves all the fall tones and I boxed them up today for her to use on her own dining table..  Her neice has always wanted a farm style table but she's newly married and their budget is tight so, I'm giving her this table as a gift.. I've been walking on air since I made the decision to do this. For me giving is so much more joyful than recieving.. Not that I dont like the occasional gift but the look on her face when she found out it was her's was worth a million bucks.. Way more than I could have sold it for on CL lol..
 My beloved lil round table will be coming back into it spot on friday and everyone happy.... I hope this story add's a little joy to you day too..

All's well that ends well and I have a feeling this isnt the end of this story because I did make her promice to take photos when she does her own scapes:) 
Thank you so much for all the kind comments you left on my last post and for your support .. Bloggers are such sweet people and I appreciate you all very much.. As I have told you I spend alot of my time at home working and of course living so I dont get out alot.. Visits from you are just as good as those I get in real life.
 I always love seeing your smiling faces...
Happy Fall to YOU and YOURS..
ps~ only 21 days till I go on my first hayride in 23 years , woooooooooohoooooooooo...