Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Breakfast Table & Chairs redo

   I put out some soup and bowls but as you'll notice, they wont be eating any cake lol.. oh well, the moravian sugar cake is in the cabinet and thats more than enough dessert.

 This is just a quickie scape I did while my guests were busy watching Homeland, that was taped last night. I just used more fresh greens as a base and added to it from my green storage stash..

 This is the table and chairs I redid months ago--  this pic is how it looked originally.  I could'nt handle the oak chairs , but they were the same shape Ballard had for sale so it was worth my time to mix up some faux chalk paint :::   1 cup of pure white-  1/4 cup plaster a paris mixed well with lukewarm water- add those together and Paint.. no sanding or anything..:)   gotta love that.
anyway- here they are originally.
I changed out the table with one I found on craigslist for 25.00.   It had the same legs as the chairs so that was a whole new breakfast set for me for less than 100.00..   the chairs at Ballard were 189.00 Each- not in my budget for sure.

 Here it is now- painted with the faux chalk paint and the seats covered in drop cloth fabric.  The original seats hurt my butt bone so I poofed them up with a double layer of quilt batting- aaaaaaaaaaa much better..
  I waited 2 weeks for the paint to seal itself and used a coat of Johnson and Johnson car wax.. yep, car wax.. I put it on- let it totally dry and buffed it off. It gave a nice mellow appearance and I can just wipe them off with a barely damp rag..   I need a blog called The Lazy House Keeper   rolf..   
 I have a Lantern fetish:)  there is at least one in every display I do- sometimes more than one. I used a pilar candle in glass from the dollar store in it.  Gives off a nice glow and makes ZERO mess:)  did I mention- Lazy HouseKeeper ....

 One more shot of my, new to me, soft white chairs.  I'm tickled with them and thrilled with the hundreds I saved to use for something else...  Lazy and Frugal .... giggle
 Each chair has a wreath like I made for my Copy Cat post..It spells out  N O E L  my daughter loves it cause thats her name.
 I copied Kathy
you can click on her name to see her original post
My Copy Cat Wreath

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 Thanks so much for visiting me.  I love having ya here..
Merry and Bright to each and everyone of ya~!
ps~ I promise to have cake or at least cookies next time