Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bedroom Update 1

 Did ya'll see this was update 1..  Why, cause I may do several before its all done.  I think I know exactly where I'm headed though..
here are excuses//reasons:)
1. daughter was sick for 3 days- slept- so no noise could be made..
2. Carpenter= who I need to do a little configuring on the craigs list headboard I bought- his kids were sick.
3. Carpenters kids got better and Carpenter and his Wife- SICK- so I kept the kids here so they could get well in peace and quiet.
4.  Miss Buffy- ya'll remember the pom who sat on my newly stenciled pillows at Christmas.. She had a few seizures. We changed meds and she's been ok since.

so thats been the last 5 days and no decor involved..
 I do want to thank you all for your encouragement and for liking my new bedding..  I will get this accomplished- seriously I will..
I ordered some fabric and it should be here today.  Not sure if it'll be used in the bedroom or the living room.
 Thats what I like about my black and white color theme though- if it doesnt work in one room, there are 6 other rooms it just might work it OR  just swapping the family room pillows for the bedroom pillows gives me enough of a change to keep me from doing something crazy like redoing an entire room lol.. especially if it doesnt need doing cause whats there is probably less than 6 months old. 

so here's the fabric..this photo is large but the actual pattern is about 5 inches apart.  keys are a lot closer to each other- thank goodness..
 I got a few emails about this fabric so..

 Fabric Guru.. on sale 7.95 per yard.. They ship your fabric , regardless of quantity for 4.95..  Hope that helps all who might be interested.  They are having a great sale on many unique fabrics as well as their regular ones..... not advertising for them:: though they do have great customer service::  just passing on info for anyone who wants to know..

I hope all is well in your world.  As always, I appreciate your visit..