Friday, June 8, 2012

I Named Her "Venus"

Many of you know I've been working on replacing all my plantings in the front yard.
 Trees, schrubs and just a few flowers but its been an exhausting as well as thrilling experience.  I was so sorry to loose what had been here for 11 years but when its wrong its wrong and wishing wont fix that. There's nothing to do but Take it Out-- Cry, cry some more-- and start again. So thats what I've been doing since mid april.
 Back when I started this blog I told ya I'd be sharing the Good and the Bad  and I do:-)
 I dont always make the right decision the First time but I'm not stubborn about it when that happens. I admit to myself and others I made a boo boo and fix that if its at all possible and this particular spot was once of those boo boo times.  I guess I could excuse myself by saying when the wrong thing went in 12 inches off center I was running 102 fever lol... Thats no excuse I could still see and didnt.

 You've all been very patient with me about Complete pictures of the front yard but its taking time to get it just as I want it and want you to see it.. I'm getting there, really I am.

 She was planted the afternoon before the major venus eclipse  and so I named her Venus. She is soooooooo beautiful I cried when I found her at a " new to me" local nursery..   I had a very hard time finding a specimen to fill this 76 inch wide  , 9 ft high space as most of what I found that would come anywhere close to making a statement  was anywhere from 175.00 to 280.00 and that just wasnt in the budget as I'd already spent so much in front..  When you are redoing an entire front yard, its expensive .
  At Frank's nursery in winston salem nc, this 5 year old plant in a 10 gallon bucket was $30.00.. I tried not to gasp when he told me the price but it wasnt easy..   I had found plants half this size for $99.00 or more so-- I didnt faint but I sure felt dizzy for a minute....
I'll probably have to trim her by fall and I will do so gladly.. I keep walking out there and looking at her , amazed and grateful each time I do..  
  When You see this next photo, you'll understand why..  this was my Boo Boo choice..  the difference is amazing to me.  Seriously?  I let them plant it that far off center... oiu vey..
 Thats a little olive tree and would have taken 5 or 6 years to reach maturity . I moved her to the corner of the house and she hides the water hose very nicely so we're all happy about that..
 Pictures tell more than I ever could... The before and after is beyond words...
Thanks for visiting me.  I hope you enjoyed your time here cause we sure enjoy having you. Ya'll come back to see us, Ya Hear~!
Happy Friday~!