Friday, December 2, 2011

Reindeer for my Neighbor

   My neighbor wanted a neutral tree similar to what I had last year.. I had found some reindeer ornaments in gold and red at the dollar store but knew I could spray paint them to acheive what she had in mind.

Of course they'd be way to dark to show up on a tree but I'd been making paper fans from wrapping paper since in the late 80's, so I could sure do that again.  Thats all it would take to make the reindeer pop..  a few more silver, white and taupe items and Viola, she had the tree she dreamed of..

 I didnt feel right showing her home but here are a couple of peeks and with the creative minds you all have I'm sure you get the idea of how it looks as a whole..

  She's thrilled and I am happy to have helped her.  I told her my work was her Christmas Present:)

We used harlequin and toile ribbons throughout the tree.  You can see a small piece in this photo.. I monogramed  the silver and white balls in a teal tone as she has that as an accent color throughout the rest of her decor ~~ stuffed cut up paper in the glass balls.  bells and other small ornaments were all we needed to complete the tree and wreath.

We had a fun day putting it all together and she made goulash for our supper. I had 2 bowls and then waddled my way out the door and home giggle....  That woman sure knows how to cook~!

Thanks so much for visiting me and I hope you enjoyed your time here.
Happy Holidays to You and Yours