Monday, July 5, 2010

Beachy Freebies 4 my Friends:)

  I saw these and my first thought was- ohhhhhhhhh the girls will love these ~!!  I have been to so many of your blogs and seen the beachy stuff - some have alot, some have a little and most use it only in season.. Soooooooo,
  I 'm posting these cuties for ya'll..  I saw that when all the Sorority sisters took the one photo and printed it out that they were all scathingly brilliant when it comes to making and using pretties in their decor..
  I'll pass on a few ideas I had but I know you will come up with a gazillion more..
Tied with a little white string to a silver ware setting?  :)
As a place card?      attached to the edge of a photo frame of a vacation photo- maybe to the beach?
hung with a few shells on your lamp- just like you'd hang a tassel?   On white tissue gift wrap as the name card..
ok ok , my brain tired and like I said  you'll think of lots more ways to use them than I ever could have.

 Just right click and save as a JPG-- print out in color//black n white/ sepia - whatever suits ya....
they have holes already to indicate where to use your hole punch...
I hope you like your little gifts and I DON'T need any credit if you use them .. My joy comes from the giving and knowing some of you will put them to a pretty use...
Have I told ya lately that I love YA"LL,, well I just did....
Thanks for visiting-- I always love to hear from ya...

Hugs and Happy Thoughts

wavin' BYE..  next week-- Rooster Tags, maybe:)