Saturday, April 17, 2010

Favorites Make Me Cry Happy Tears

I have been wanting to participate in Laurie's Saturday Favorites and this is my week~ woohooo.
You can go here~A Few of My Favorite Things~  to see links to the other folks who are also participating.. You'll be glad you did, as there are so many lovely photos and such great inspiration...

 Each of my favorites have a little story to go with them to let you know why they are fav's of mine.

I went grocery shopping about a month ago and they had just started hanging plants outside for folks to buy.
 I didnt cause I felt it was too early and the weather here in NC has been so odd this year, it caused me to worry about another deep frost or 3:-) So I shopped , got my groceries in the trunk and took my cart to the "put cart here" station... In the cart ahead of mine I saw a few sprigs of a plant. I guess they got caught in the rungs and the person left them there.. I picked them up and wrapped them in a tissue, brought them home.. No , trust me, I DONT have a green thumb...There was a planter in the pantry with soil it in and I just unwrapped the sprigs and stuck them in. I figured if they lived , GREAT and if not, they were free so nothing lost...
A little watering as I was on my way to fill the furbabies bowl and thats all..
Here she is only a month later... I brought it out to my desk to remind me of what a miracle nature is and that when something has the will to live and thrive, it does, with very little help from mankind. Once abandoned, left wilting in the bottom of a grocery cart and now~ this.... I look at her and well up with happy Tears, and think- somebody up there likes me...
I got the pineapples lamp from Wally World~16.95.. Its heavy and they say pineapples are a sign of Welcome...
Here's another mirror I made. Mirror Magic mastic and some detail trim. I havent had time to make the grids yet but I will..
In my last post I was talking about my daughter and I not being able to agree on the large sofa table arrangement. She won with her LESS IS MORE idea, so I just moved my roosters over to the side table and added my new Hearth Plate I got for 50 cents at goodwill.  We are both very happy with our arrangements and peace reigns again in the House of Dreams.. giggle
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorites and again , please stop by and see Laurie and all the nice folks who are linked to her party ~  
A Few of My Favorite Things 

hugs and happy thoughts to (((ALL))) PS- up top on my toolbar you'll see my giveaway, please enter:)