Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Copy Cat Wreath

  Hi Folks..

 its been quite a day and I am thrilled to be online:)     I woke up to my beloved toshiba fried and died and unrepairable.     I found a new one-- unfortunately the only choice was Windows 8.. ugg. this will take some getting used too.  Plus I went from a 19 inch screen to a 26 cause thats what came with the full pc package and it was twice the cost to buy it piece by piece....
 anywhooooooooooooo.. I got it all hooked up, made adjustments enough for me to download my art program, my camera and get internet up and running.
   I was so worried I would'nt get to play at DebbieDoos Holiday Knock off Party

  I spied Kathy's chair wreaths the other day and knew instantly thats what and who I was going to copy..
 Thanks Kathy.. I love yours~!   Her letters are wayyyyyyyyyy prettier but I had to use the ones I had onhand..  
click the link below to see her whole post with a tutorial..

here's mine.     I had the grape vine wreaths,the letters, the bow, the pinecones and the beads.. Got the greenery from my neighbor.. 
  I did get my table done but it got dark before I could get any pics of that.. Havent had a working computer till an hour ago so I'll take pics later and show off my dining table and chairs I redid as well as my holiday table.

 Here's one shot of Kathy's but she has lots of great pics on her site so be sure to go and visit her.
 Thanks for the party Deb  and thanks for doing such a great holiday wreath for me to copy Kathy~!

Make the Scene Monday at Alderberry Hill 

thanks for visiting me....   Ya'll are the Best..
Merry and Bright to each and every one of ya.