Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back Patio

Well folks, its been a tough couple of weeks for me.  Monday 2 weeks ago- the day I had scheduled for the landscapers to start- I woke up with 102 fever.   Truth be told, I barely remember that day. The only way I know I came through it is that the digging was done and grass was removed and a trench came to fruition.
 I sat on a rocker wrapped in a blanket and enough of my brain cells were working to make sure they did step by step what needed to happen out there.
 As some of you may remember I hired kids from the AG class at the local high school and while they were wonderful and hardworking , it required telling them multiple times EVERY SINGLE MOVE TO MAKE.
 Day 2  plants went it, Day 3 soaker hoses and mulch..   By this time I had developed a serious lung infection and went to bed with heavy meds.    I dont remember much of the following 3 days but here I am telling ya'll about it- so apparently I LIVED  lol..
 I'll tell the rest of the story when I reveal the front area .. porch still needs decorating- mailbox and post changed out..  Lots to do and I have very little energy...

 I just wanted to post and tell ya'll i was off schedule as to getting things done BUT I did choose the back patio items.   I wanted a screened in porch built but even in my sick and delusional state I could'nt bring myself to spend that kind of money lol..  So, I choose this instead.  My daughter and a friend was able to have it put together in about 15 minutes..  That's my kind of project:):)

Hopefully the next time I post it will be something bigger , like the front yard ..

 For now- some chicken broth, more meds and back to bed for me.
Love n Hugs