Monday, December 14, 2009

Twinkle, Twinkle ~ Gold and Glitter

Beth over at The Stories of A to Z is having a Christmas Mantel Linky Party.  She wants all of us to link-up our last year’s Christmas mantel.  I linked up and then my internet server went out lol.. so I'm back to add Beths Link.. Ya'll just have to go see all the beautiful mantles posted to this party.
They are AMAZING~!
  I had a situation occur over the weekend that caused me heart ache and when I can't control my thoughts , I cant sleep. Suffice it to say my situation has been resolved and my living room decorated.  During stressful times, some people Bake- some people go on a cleaning frenzy, some people exercise- some eat.. I fall in the clean~decorate category.    Having talked about this with many kind folks who were willing to share their thoughts on this sort of issue, I was happy to find I am not alone.. Their kind words and support helped bring me through and back into the light of hope. This was a life lesson for which I am very grateful.  The true Christmas Spirit shone through these people and into my world.. Please allow me to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to them all, one more time.... Now lets get on to the Twinkling..
I like to sit and look at these lights and think of them as the kindness and love that shines from one persons soul to another.. Shine brightly my friends, every chance you get, as the light in another's life may be brightened by it.....
 Merry Christmas
Its warm and cozy by the fire , so have a seat and make yourself at
Does anyone else wish we could just keep these lights up all year.. I do ..
I hope all this twinkling has brought some light into your life and a smile to you face. I want to share all the Christmas Spirit with you that I can, in hopes it will bring you holiday happiness and maybe help carry you in the light,throughout the coming year.
Thanks so much for coming to visit me. It was wonderful to have you here.
"Brightest Blessings from Me and Mine  to  You and Yours"