Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Copy Caddy or Caddy Copy

I am gigglin like a goon... I was trying to decide on what I'd name my post and copy caddy or caddy copy got me so tickled I had to wait a few minutes to post.. Its so nice being easily amused LOL LOL
 I always wonder if the neighbors can see me thru the patio door from their back patio and if they can they surely must wonder why I am sitting here all alone in amused histerics laughing my head off..   No one has called 911 on me yet so maybe they cant see from all that distance away.. thank goodness

 anywhooooo  on with da show...

I have seen silver ware caddies all over blogland and I've wanted one real bad but didnt wanna spend the big bucks for it.  I love the one advertised at Pottery Barn but,, $79.00 NO WAY..

 I was looking around at reclaimed wood projects and decided to take a peek at the Anna White site. Sure enough she had done a caddy using a reclaimed soda box.. and then, Inspiration Struck.. I had something I could use afterall so mine would be Free..  wooohooo Free is my favorite.. AND it would work well in my kitchen AND I could use coffee beans as a filler AND everytime I grab a utensil it makes the scent of the coffee beans go up my nose AND it opened up a whole drawer in my kitchen .. I can sure use it for something else. .. I see this as a WIN WIN WIN WIN  ..

 so here's my Copy .. I love it..  this was large enough to hold my knives- forks- salad forks- teaspoons- ladle spoon ..   with the plates stacked in back , no one visiting will have to go thru my cabs to find stuff. Just grab a plate and silver and fill your plate..   
This is what I copied.   Many thanks to Anna White.com for the inspiration.
I'll be linking up with DebbieDoo's Copy Cat party as soon as she posts it..
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