Thursday, March 22, 2012

I finally did it. Bed is Ordered

   I know I have posted several times and asked lots of ya privately and then still couldnt make a decision but finally and at long last:: like 3 years later:)  ::  I order my bed..
 Do ya'll ever get to the point that you quit caring what it costs, you just wanted it over with?  Well, I finally did.

  This picture looks sorta plain but of course it can be dressed UP or Down with different bedding and thats exactly what I needed..

 so now I can get all my other pieces painted and in place and be ready when the bed arrives...

  As many have said- the Indecision was the most exhausting part and I am so glad thats over.

2 weeks they said and it will be here..  Thank the Heavens and JCP  :)

 Ya'll were mighty sweet to be so patient with me during this ordeal and I appreciate it... Believe me when its here and dressed You'll all be the first to know cause I will be posting photos with a huge grin on my face..
 Now- who am I gonna give these 2 headboards I bought to?  giggle..
 Maybe I better keep one for the guest room, just in case.  

thanks for visiting me.. You;re the BEST~!